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What to expect during your dental checkup at Taylor Street Dental

Routine dental examinations are strongly encouraged to occur every six months for patients with healthy smiles. These examinations not only include a physical evaluation, but a dental cleaning with a hygienist. At Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA, our team is committed to working with new and current patients to achieve and maintain oral health […]

How do vitamins and minerals affect your teeth?

Everyone knows that the foods they eat have an impact on their overall health. But did you know that many vitamins and minerals are also beneficial for one’s oral health? The dentists at Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA are pleased to educate patients on the many ways they can improve their smile by integrating […]

How do I know if I have bruxism?

Have you been diagnosed with bruxism? Are you noticing changes in your smile that might indicate that bruxism is present? Knowing bruxism and the signs and symptoms is the first step in combating the damage to the smile that can result from this condition.  What is bruxism?  The dentists at Taylor Street Dental describe bruxism […]

A dental issue that may indicate possible heart issues

At My Great Smile of Springfield, MA, we know how important your overall health and wellness is outside of just the teeth and gums. Many patients are not aware of the link between one’s oral health and the health of their body as a whole. This is known as the “oral systemic connection.” Patients who […]

The importance of flossing for diabetic patients

Patients who have diabetes are at risk for a number of medical consequences if they do not effectively maintain their glucose levels. This is why maintenance of diabetes is so important for overall health. But did you know that patients with diabetes may also have certain complications associated with their oral health? The dentist at […]

Do I need a root canal?

Patients who are experiencing a problem with their smile may be worried that their dentist may recommend root canal therapy. However, this procedure is nothing to be afraid of! Many myths have made their rounds in regards to root canal therapy being a painful treatment. It is, however, a treatment that is done with proper […]

What happens with your mouth when you snore?

According to continued research, there are approximately 90 million Americans that snore when they sleep. If you are one of them, you may be dealing with some oral health issues and other concerns that you didn’t realize were connected to snoring!  One of these concerns is increased mouth-breathing. Mouth-breathing is one of the most common […]

How a vegan diet can impact your oral health

Every year, there seems to be more and more diets and eating plans introduced. In the past, there was the Mediterranean “South Beach Diet,” the Atkins all-meat diet, and now ketogenic plans. Many of these diet trends and fads are not extremely beneficial in terms of long-term health and the ability for patients to get […]

Dental implants can improve more than just your smile!

Anyone who has lived with missing teeth can tell you not only how it impacted the appearance of the smile, but how it negatively affected various areas of their life. Missing teeth can happen for a host of reasons, including periodontal disease, severe tooth decay, infection of a tooth, or an injury to the mouth. […]

What’s the difference between a smile makeover and full mouth reconstruction?

A beautiful, healthy smile is a great confidence booster, but this isn’t where the benefits end. Patients who have imperfect smiles or smiles damaged significantly from disease or decay will find that having a healthy smile improves function and overall health. If you are considering ways to restore your smile and live in the Springfield, […]

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