Dental implants can improve more than just your smile!

Anyone who has lived with missing teeth can tell you not only how it impacted the appearance of the smile, but how it negatively affected various areas of their life. Missing teeth can happen for a host of reasons, including periodontal disease, severe tooth decay, infection of a tooth, or an injury to the mouth. However, replacing this tooth as soon as possible has its benefits. The dentists at My Great Smile are pleased to provide patients with solutions to help them restore function and beauty, and our team highly recommends dental implants. 

What is a dental implant? 

Understanding how the dental implant works allows patients to see the ways in which it can improve their lives. The implant itself is a titanium metal post that is fabricated to act as a natural tooth root once did. During oral surgery, it is placed directly into the jawbone and allowed time to heal. The process of osseointegration, or “bone growth,” occurs around the implant to hold it firmly in place after a few weeks. Then, an abutment is added to the top of the implant post and used to hold a crown, bridge, or denture. This versatility makes the dental implant a highly desirable option for many patients of My Great Smile. 

How can dental implants improve more than just the smile? 

Patients who have dental implants express their gratefulness with their dental team. They realize that replacing a single tooth is more than just restoring the smile’s appearance. Dental implants can give patients the confidence they need to look and feel their best, while restoring the functionality of their smile. Additionally, because the dental implant is integrated into the bone, it can keep patients from experiencing that “sunken in” appearance to the lower jaw that often occurs in patients with long-term tooth loss. Patients also have the opportunity to enjoy all their favorite foods again, including juicy steak and crisp apples without having to worry about their restoration falling out or breaking. 

Do you want to enjoy peace of mind and confidence after tooth loss? 

You are not alone! The team at My Great Smile in Springfield, MA is pleased to provide dental implants as well as other tooth replacement options to allow patients to rest easy and know that their smile functions as needed each and every day. Our facility is conveniently located at 41 Taylor Street, Fourth Floor, and is open to new and established patients who call for an appointment at (413) 781-7645.

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