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From painful toothaches to knocked-out teeth, emergency dentists are trained to remedy unexpected accidents. When you need immediate treatment for issues that impact your teeth, smile, jaw, or other aspects of oral health and function, you deserve a dentist you can trust.

At Taylor Street Dental, our highly-trained team draws from decades of experience in general, implant, and cosmetic dentistry. We have earned the trust of our patients in Springfield, MA, and its greater surrounding areas, making us the go-to dentists in an emergency.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is an issue relating to your teeth, gums, or jaw that requires urgent and immediate treatment. Some dental emergencies are more emergent than others. Examples of dental emergencies include swelling, pain, bleeding, a broken tooth or a loose tooth. Many dental emergencies are caused by trauma or an accident and the issue is immediately apparent, but sometimes the issue may be subtle and the condition worsens over time. If you have a dental emergency and need an emergency dentist in Springfield MA, Longmeadow MA, Enfield CT and nearby areas, contact us today.

What are Symptoms of an Urgent Dental Problem?

Common symptoms include pain, swelling, bleeding, difficulty chewing and the inability to sleep through the night. Sudden bleeding from a tooth extraction, as well as injury to the mouth, may also warrant an emergency dental visit. If you are unsure if your issue qualifies for an urgent appointment at our practice, give our office a call. We will happily advise you on your next steps.

What Dental Emergencies are Treated at Taylor Street Dental?

We treat all dental emergencies at our office in Springfield MA. Taylor Street Dental performs 99% of all dental procedures. The most common oral conditions that patients come in with include toothaches, unexpected gum bleeding, cracked or chipped teeth, and lost fillings or crowns. Other conditions that need immediate treatment typically include advanced decay, infections, abscesses, and severe oral injuries.

What Should I Do If I Have a Cracked or Chipped Tooth?

If you find yourself with a cracked or chipped tooth, try not to drink hot or cold liquids, as that could cause sensitivity. Avoid chewing in that area, and contact our office ASAP to be seen for an evaluation by an emergency dentist.

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Is a Toothache Considered a Dental Emergency?

Yes. If you have a severe toothache, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Will Going to the Emergency Room Help My Dental Emergency?

If you experience a severe oral injury that affects more than just your mouth, for example, an accident involving head trauma and bleeding, it’s essential that you or your loved ones act quickly to get the medical help you need. In most cases, a visit to the emergency room will most likely help any bleeding, pain, or discomfort stop. However, if you have lost a tooth, chipped a tooth, or are experiencing issues such as jaw pain, visiting an experienced emergency dentist will help determine the best solution for treating your oral condition and restoring your injured smile. Emergency dentists have the training to resolve dental emergencies in a way that not only prioritizes your comfort and health but also the aesthetics and function of your smile.

What Makes Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA the Best Option for Emergency Dental Care?

At Taylor Street Dental, Dr. David I. Peck, Dr. Elwira Tyra, Dr. Stephen J. Greenberg, and Dr. Hien Truong not only prioritize providing high-quality dental care but patient comfort and safety, making it their mission to deliver treatment even in cases of emergency. 



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