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We all feel more attractive and confident when our teeth are sparkling white. But coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco, and other foods can leave behind ugly stains on a tooth, making our smiles dull and lackluster. Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a revolutionary new way to whiten and brighten teeth in just one brief office visit at Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA.

Teeth Whitening Procedure:

teeth whitening springfield ma

During the one-hour Zoom! teeth whitening procedure, a gentle hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel is carefully applied to the teeth. Next, a safe, blue-light whitening lamp is used to activate the gel and essentially bleach away stains and residue on a tooth. The end result is dazzling, white teeth that are free of discoloration! Cosmetic and general dentist Dr. David Peck offers Zoom! and teeth whitening to patients in Massachusetts, including Boston and Springfield.

Teeth Whitening In-Office

Chairside bleaching, or teeth whitening that takes place at the Taylor Street Dental office, happens over a series of appointments and is completed by a dental professional. Benefits of having your teeth whitened in-office include:

  • No tooth sensitivity
  • Safe treatment
  • Fast and simple

Teeth Whitening From Home

Teeth whitening can be accomplished from home with the assistance of take-home product kits. Similar to in-office treatment, using a dentist provided kit can enhance the color and brightness of your teeth in a matter of days. They are also simple to use and often less expensive than fully in-office treatments. Your dentist will provide a package with all of the following:

  • Impression trays, customized to each patient
  • Whitening powder
  • Whitening gel

Learn How to Maintain Whiter Teeth Here

To learn more about teeth whitening, please call  (413) 781-7645 or fill out a Contact Form here. We serve patients from Springfield, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Westfield, Boston, Chicopee and Northampton MA, as well as patients from the Connecticut area. Call today!

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