How do I know if I have bruxism?

Photo of Depressed ill man having toothache and touching cheek. Mature man suffering from tooth pain, caries. Handsome gray hair male suffering from toothache, closeup. Portrait of casual 46 years mature man toothache with painful expression, sitting on sofa at home,Have you been diagnosed with bruxism? Are you noticing changes in your smile that might indicate that bruxism is present? Knowing bruxism and the signs and symptoms is the first step in combating the damage to the smile that can result from this condition. 

What is bruxism? 

The dentists at Taylor Street Dental describe bruxism as a condition that results in clenching and grinding of the teeth. For many patients with bruxism, this happens at night when they sleep—and they may not even be aware that it is happening! However, a diagnosis can happen with the help of a dentist evaluating the smile, as they are trained to spot the changes in the smile and the symptoms of bruxism. 

How do I know if I have bruxism? 

There are several tell-tale signs that dentists look for when it comes to evaluating a patient for bruxism. Below are just a few of the things seen by the dental team that might indicate that clenching and grinding of the teeth is occurring: 

  • Dental attrition – dental attrition is wear on the ends of the teeth that can cause the teeth to appear shorter with time.
  • Broken restorations – clenching and grinding of the teeth can result in broken or damaged restorations due to the pressure of clenching.
  • Sensitive teeth – because bruxism can cause wear on the tooth enamel, it can thin enamel and result in the development of sensitive teeth.
  • Cracked or chipped teeth – natural teeth can be impacted by bruxism as well, and may need restorations after damage has occurred.

How is bruxism treated by a dentist? 

The dentists at Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA will often recommend that patients with bruxism speak to their dental provider about the benefits of oral appliance therapy, which uses a special mouthguard worn at night to reduce tension on the jaw muscles and protect the teeth from breakage. 

Call the team at Taylor Street Dental to learn more about bruxism and other dental conditions 

Drs. David Peck, Pablo Valestegui, and Mahmoud Homsi of Taylor Street Dental are available to assist Springfield, MA area patients with their dental needs, including bruxism. Call the office today at (413) 781-7645 to request an appointment at 41 Taylor Street on the Fourth Floor. The practice is open to new patients and families.       

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