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“Words cannot express my gratefulness and appreciation towards Dr. Peck and the entire Taylor Street Dental team. I have had severe dental issues most of my adult life and throughout my various treatments, no dentist has ever offered me a solution to my problems.
When I first met Dr. Peck, his knowledge and creativity immediately gave me hope. He reviewed various dental options and the benefits of each. When I settled on a treatment, Dr. Peck meticulously went over each procedure while simultaneously assessing my comfort level. He answered all my question and gave me the confidence to move forward.
During each of my appointments, Dr. Peck and his team always focused on my wellbeing, ensuring I was comfortable and pain free. The kindness and professionalism exhibited by the staff greatly exceeded my expectations.
The cosmetic and functional results of Dr. Peck’s work was amazing. I finally have a healthy bite and can eat without pain or discomfort. More importantly, my teeth are healthy and stronger than ever before.
Unquestionably, I will be a patient of Dr. Peck and Taylor Street Dental for the rest of my life and It is without hesitation that I write this testimonial.”

Dr. Thaddeus Tokarz
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“As far back as I can remember I had bad teeth. The emotional trauma and embarrassing moments I went through can only be buried to places far far away with a hand always covering my smile. Always. So many years of trying new things to improve my smile always had the same outcome~hand over smile! I am now 31 years old and decided to see Dr. Peck and his team. He has changed my life. Tears of joy, years of self consciousness and embarrassment out the window. He has made my smile big, proud and with no hand covering it. Words can do no justice if you can not relate, but if you can it really has changed my life!!!! I believed in Dr. Peck and he believed in me. now its time to SMILE. There can never be enough thanks..But I cherish and love you all for being so supportive and encouraging. :}”

Diane Maruca Springfield, MA
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“I have found the dental care that, Dr. Peck and his staff, provide to be exemplary. From the moment you enter the office, the staff exude friendliness. Everyone is pleasant and do their best to contribute to a relaxing evening at the dentist. Thank you!!!!”

Susan Garrow-Sloan Wilbraham, MA
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“A root canal that was fun! After years of my own neglect, Dr. Peck and staff are giving me back my smile. It is so different than my childhood memories of the trip to the dentist! Compassion, humor, top flight professionalism and great good will. I wish I came in years ago! We’re just starting, but I know it’s going to work out great.”

Tim Griffin Ellington, CT
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“I came to Dr. Peck in hopes that he could fix the less than desirable dental work I had in the past through another dentist. Initially, I was hesitant that I would receive the results I had so long hoped for. From the first time I stepped into Dr. Peck’s office, I knew I had come to the right place. Dr. Peck and his staff went out of their way to make sure I felt welcomed, and that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. From selecting movies to watch, to enjoying a V-8 juice, the staff stopped at nothing to make sure I had an extremely memorable experience. Dr. Peck is amazingly knowledgeable about cosmetic dentistry and he used state-of-the-art technology to provide me with realistic previews of what my final smile would look like. Above all, Dr. Peck and his staff are full of passion about their work and genuinely care about the happiness of their patients. This was an amazing experience. Most of the time I forgot I was at the dentist! My teeth look wonderful and I feel like a different person, finally full of confidence! Thank you, Dr. Peck!”

Jenna Harrington, Springfield
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“I am by far the world’s most terrified dental patient. After years of dental issues and injuries, I finally succumbed to a broken front tooth on a slippery ice mount. I split my finger and knocked out my tooth. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it brought me here to Dr. Peck. I knew immediately he was different from all the rest. I had my first procedure (of many) and I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Kind, caring, compassionate and considerate doesn’t even begin to describe the ethics in this office. All the staff from the front desk to the hygienist go over and above any dental situation I have ever been a part of. Phenomenal! I’m excited to come back!”

Jenn Rumble, West Springfield
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“I have always been afraid of the dental experience and as a result avoided going to the dentist for years-too many years. However, when I first saw Dr. Peck’s print ad containing his quote, ‘Some of my best friends are chickens,’ I felt that I had perhaps found the first dentist to communicate an understanding of a patient’s fear. And I was right; he does. I remember our first meeting and the psychological insight he brought to the story of my past dental history and how good this makes me feel seven years into our doctor-patient relationship.”

Steve Murphy
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“I was so nervous originally to go to the dentist that I did not go for over seven years. I had nine fractured teeth for three years. When I met Dr. Peck and his entire staff, from day one they made me feel very, very comfortable and were compassionate to my feelings – all of them. Dr. Peck actually ‘listened’ to my concerns and fears from previous dental experiences. So far I have had eight of the nine teeth crowned and Dr. Peck worked with me so I understand everything that he was going to do. He actually had a plan of how to approach my problems and fears. The staff is very caring and made me feel very comfortable. There was no pain during any of the procedures. Importantly, they all ‘listened’ to what I had to say. They are all very excellent and talented at what they do. I now have a ‘new’ mouth and feel great about it, and it was a very comfortable and painless experience. Thank you, Dr. Peck and all of your staff. I am now a regular patient and actually look forward to coming here.” Sincerely,

Ed Grycel
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Hi, my name is Tony and I want to share a day that changed my life. That is the day I went to Dr. Peck’s office; I was a chicken. I didn’t go to the dentist for a long time but this one day my front tooth broke off, I had to go to a dentist. I saw Dr. Peck’s ad in the newspaper and called. Thank God I did. Dr. Peck and his team have been just great, sensitive, and caring from day one, so thank you Dr. Peck, and your great caring team for my great new smile. Thanks!

Tony Flammand
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“Visiting Dr. David I. Peck and his staff is like going to the comfort of a spa, in which you are made to feel as if you are the most important person in the world. Kindness and gentleness surround you from the moment you walk into his office until the time you leave, as your dental needs are attended to by a most compassionate dentist and his wonderful team of employees.”

The Rev. Dr. Susanne U. Hayes
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Dear Dr. David Peck,
I wanted to thank you profoundly for making me smile once again. It has been a long time and a journey since I last felt, or had the need to smile – while I endured many situations in my life in which I felt I couldn’t and didn’t feel the need to smile because of how my teeth appeared. Today I am truly happy with the outcome and I feel more blessed, truly happy. A dream came true for me when I entered your office. Your staff was truly inspiring and so kind with each visit. They always made me feel so comfortable, giving me the lift I needed. I thank you Dr. David Peck from the inner core of my heart for being an amazing, extraordinary soul, which will continue to touch others. With so much caring and understanding, you took your time to make me smile with confidence.Thank you Kindly,

Miriam Santos
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My daughter developed a terrible fear of dentists after a bad experience as a child. She didn’t go to a dentist for many years. Consequently, her teeth and gums were in terrible condition. She had become so self-conscious about her teeth that she wouldn’t smile without putting her hand in front of her mouth. It broke my heart to see her unhappy, and so lacking in self-confidence.

I saw the ads for Dr. David Peck. The ad said he specialized in patients who hadn’t received dental care for a long time, were in desperate need of dental care, but were too afraid to go. I decided to call and make an appointment for my daughter. I am so glad I did.

Dr. Peck and his staff treated my daughter with total respect and loving care. They did a beautiful job in all the dental work that had to be done. They not only saved her teeth, they gave her back her smile. I always knew she was a beautiful girl, but now I think she actually believes she is. Her happiness is wonderful to see, her self-confidence is back.

Thank you Dr. Peck, and all of your wonderful staff. You have made a mother and a daughter very happy. Sincerely,

Margaret McAdam
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