How a vegan diet can impact your oral health

Every year, there seems to be more and more diets and eating plans introduced. In the past, there was the Mediterranean “South Beach Diet,” the Atkins all-meat diet, and now ketogenic plans. Many of these diet trends and fads are not extremely beneficial in terms of long-term health and the ability for patients to get the proper nutrition that supports a healthy body. One eating plan that millions of American adults follow is that of the vegan diet. 

What is a vegan diet? 

Many patients believe that vegan and vegetarian diets go hand-in-hand. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Vegetarians are individuals who do not consume meat, while vegans are individuals who not only avoid meat products, but eliminate many other animal-based products from their diet, including dairy and eggs. Many vegans take on this nutritional path for various reasons, including health benefits, conservation of the environment, and for animal welfare. 

Is the vegan diet appropriate for one’s oral health? 

Becoming a vegan is known to be relatively safe. However, many Americans who decide to go vegan may find that they experience some unintentional effects to their oral health during this shift in diet. Giving up certain types of foods that are high in necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can have many unwanted consequences. For example, a vegan needs to ensure they are getting enough vitamin D and calcium, which is critical to ensuring healthy, strong bones and teeth. Choosing the right foods that are high in these nutrients but follow a vegan plan, such as broccoli with high levels of calcium, can maintain a healthy smile as well. Vitamin D is often obtained through non-vegan sources, so vitamin D supplements or fortified foods will help restore proper balance. 

Are you concerned about how your eating habits can impact your oral health? 

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