DEKA CO2 Laser Dentistry-Soft Tissue

What are DEKA CO2 Lasers?

DEKA CO2 Lasers are part of a rising group of technical advancements in the field of dentistry that give practitioners a significant advantage when it comes to soft tissue therapy and treatment. Dr. David Peck is bringing this groundbreaking technology to the patients in Springfield, Massachusetts and, by doing so, he is also creating a versatile number of programs that patients can now choose from in order to address their specific needs in general dentistry, dental surgery, implant dentistry, and other services.

What are the benefits of using DEKA CO2 Lasers?

Previous years have exhibited the dominance of the use of diode lasers in most medical fields, including dentistry. DEKA CO2 Lasers are very well suited for therapy because they are highly efficient and produce a competitive accuracy rate when it comes to microsurgical applications. Its mechanism of action involves the delivery of carbon dioxide wavelengths for a wide range of applications and treatments without damaging underlying or surrounding tissues. Surgical procedures performed with these lasers have been documented to produce less pain and swelling and effectively reduce bacteria during the procedure as well.

The use of the DEKA CO2 Laser in treating soft tissue lesions in dentistry continues to show a unique diversity not found in its diode laser counterparts.  This system can remove benign lesions and growths, perform incisional and excisional biopsies, and remove carcinomas as well. It also has excellent coagulation capabilities, resulting in relatively bloodless procedures, making it ideal for treating oral lesions that are compounded by blood dyscrasias. Using the DEKA CO2 Laser also gives the benefit of decreasing discomfort, minimizing swelling, and scarring after the procedure. All these in one conveniently interchangeable interface makes the DEKA CO2 Laser a forerunner as one of the most viable alternatives to scalpel assisted surgeries.


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