What to expect during your dental checkup at Taylor Street Dental

Woman waiting for a dental examRoutine dental examinations are strongly encouraged to occur every six months for patients with healthy smiles. These examinations not only include a physical evaluation, but a dental cleaning with a hygienist. At Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA, our team is committed to working with new and current patients to achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. Drs. David Peck, Pablo Velastegui, and Mahmoud Homsi educate patients on what they can expect when they come for their routine recall appointment.

What happens first?

First, our dental hygienist may start with a series of dental x-rays. This is always done at a patient’s first appointment, and may be repeated every few years to monitor oral health. X-rays are the best way to look for signs of shrinking bone, infection, and other problems. Then, the dental hygienist will clean the patient’s teeth and gums. This thorough cleaning is known as prophylaxis and is the only way patients can remove tartar and calculus that has developed on the teeth and along the gumline. The hygienist will then call the dentist in for the evaluation.

What does a dentist and dental hygienist look for during a checkup?

There are a few things that our team may evaluate a patient for. First, the team will look for signs of cavities. These are areas where decay has occurred. This may leave behind holes or dark crevices in the teeth. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, these cavities can become larger, deeper, and more impactful. Second, the gums are evaluated to determine if patients have gingivitis or periodontal disease, also conditions that significantly impact the health of the smile. Periodontal disease left untreated can result in the loss of bone, teeth, and gums. Third, our team will also look for indications of cancer. Oral cancer can be caught early and treated effectively to avoid spread.

Are you overdue for a dental checkup?

Springfield, MA area patients who are in need of a cleaning and evaluation will want to book a consultation visit with the team at Taylor Street Dental by calling (413) 781-7645. The office is located at 41 Taylor Street on the fourth floor and accepts new patients and families.

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