Partial Dentures in Springfield & Longmeadow, MA

What are partial dentures and why should I consider using them?

When patients lose some of their teeth, the most ideal thing to do is to replace the missing teeth in order to maintain the functionality and structure of the mouth. In Springfield, Massachusetts, Dr. David Peck recommends the use of partial dentures to his patients when they have several teeth missing, either on the upper maxillary or lower mandibular arches of the oral cavity. Partial dentures effectively fill in the gaps that are created by missing teeth and prevent adjacent teeth from drifting out of place. This helps, not only in supplementing the oral framework, but, more importantly, to boost the patient’s self-confidence by not having to go through the ordeal of having missing teeth.

What are partial dentures made of?

Partial dentures are made up of synthetic teeth that are fabricated from porcelain or plastic and are attached to a plastic base that mimics the appearance of gums. The removable denture is held in place by a metal mesh framework of retainers that anchor the restoration securely onto the patient’s existing teeth so that they do not fall off when they are being used.

What are the advantages of using partial dentures?

Partial dentures are removable, which makes them ideal for giving the gums a rest when the patient is not using them. This feature also gives the added advantage of adding more prosthetic teeth to the denture in case the patient loses more teeth in the process. Partial dentures keep the remaining teeth in position because they tend to drift out of place when there are missing teeth in the mouth. By helping the existing teeth stay in the correct position, the dentures are able to prevent further tooth loss and preserve the functionality of the mouth. This includes the ability of the patient to talk, chew, or close their mouths completely. As partial dentures enhance the patient’s appearance and ability to speak, they also ultimately improve the patient’s self-esteem.

How do I care for my partial dentures?

Caring for partial dentures is very much like caring for natural teeth. They need to be brushed regularly to remove any food deposits or plaque buildup. Also put them in water when they are not in use, and avoid using bleach or household cleaners to clean them. Remember to always handle partial dentures with care because they are fragile and may break easily.


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