Treating bad breath caused by periodontal disease

Patients with periodontal disease are not only dealing with a condition that negatively impacts the health of their smile—it can also contribute to the development of halitosis, or “bad breath.” What is halitosis? Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. It can be situational or chronic. Situational halitosis may be caused by periodic dry […]

Why do dentists use composite resin for fillings?

When cavities exist, it is vital that patients take action as soon as possible to avoid these cavities from getting larger and more intrusive. In fact, cavities left untreated can become so large that they damage and infect the dental pulp inside of the tooth. This can cause unwanted pain and discomfort, as well as […]

What are some possible complications of tooth extractions?

There are times when a dentist will need to extract an adult tooth. Perhaps it has been damaged and is no longer savable. Maybe the patient is preparing for orthodontic treatment and needs to make room when overcrowding exists. In other situations, patients may need to have their wisdom teeth removed due to impaction or […]

How Long Will Pain and Discomfort Last After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

At Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA, patients in the area and surrounding communities can work with a dental team with the patient’s best interests at heart. Our team, including Drs. Peck, Grillo, Filip, and Valestegui, have committed themselves to helping patients with common dental concerns. This includes removal of the wisdom teeth. What are […]

When Should I Seek Treatment for Bruxism?

When patients visit their dentist and are told they have bruxism, they may not be aware of what this condition is and  how it impact their oral health. Bruxism is the name of a condition that causes patients to clench and grind their teeth. This clenching and grinding may occur only at night in their […]

For Sedation Options Available for Patients in Springfield, MA

At Taylor Street Dental, our dentists understand that many patients may have concerns about discomfort. Some patients have a deep-seated fear of the dentist, making it harder for them to commit to an appointment and be seen on a regular basis. The dentists in our practice are pleased to provide a variety of sedation options […]

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