A Closer Look at Composite Fillings

One of the primary objectives of dentistry is to prevent oral disease of any kind. Routine exams and cleanings are intended to closely monitor the condition of teeth and gums so any changes can be addressed quickly. When decay is noticed, one of the common methods of restoring structure and function to the damaged tooth […]

Veneers or Bonding: Which is Right for You?

Many adults who visit their dentist are interested to know how they can achieve and maintain an attractive smile. There are several ways we can help our patients look and feel their best, starting with the personal dental care that addresses common issues in the mouth. Additionally, we look at ways to correct concerns using […]

Have You put Root Canal Therapy into This Box?

You may have heard the term “root canal” in movies or in stories that circulate through the grapevine. To have a root canal, you may think, is to really go through it; to really endure something unpleasant. If this is the perception you have of root canal therapy, you may suffer needless stress and fear […]

There’s Something You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Dentists have been using dental amalgam, gold, and other durable materials to repair damaged teeth for well over a century. To get a dental filling is essential to receive the most conservative type of restorative dentistry there is. It is interesting that this method of tooth repair hasn’t changed much since its inception. The most […]

Your Smile Doesn’t Have to be a Casualty of Aging

Aging may be a natural process experienced by all living things, but that doesn’t mean that we have to like it. Since the dawn of time, humans have demonstrated somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the matter of aging. We can appreciate what living teaches us, but most of us find the physical aspects of […]

Would You be Surprised to Know that Cosmetic Dentistry can do This?

Cosmetic dentistry services are popular all around the country. Men and women of all ages have come to realize that they don’t have to live with a smile they don’t like. Stains can be removed in a short visit to the dentist. Stains that are resistant can be covered. Gaps can be closed. Teeth can […]

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