The Dos and Don’ts of Post-Microneedling Skincare

Microneedling has emerged as one of the most effective types of skincare treatments. If you want to harness your body’s healing mechanisms to fight the effects of aging, microneedling can go a long way. That said, it’s important that you take post-microneedling skincare seriously, or you could undermine the many benefits of microneedling. Let’s cover some dos […]

Sedation Dentistry Can Transform Your Dental Experience

It’s likely that going to the dentist doesn’t make your list of top five favorite things to do. The dental health professionals at Taylor Street Dental get that. But you might be surprised how well dentistry has evolved over the years. Sedation dentistry can make going to the dentist something you don’t mind so much. It can […]

What Is Bite Collapse?

Patients in Springfield, MA, who are in the later stages of life may experience certain dental and medical conditions that may impact their smile. This includes a condition known as “bite collapse.” The team of Taylor Street Dental is pleased to provide solutions for patients who have been diagnosed with this condition and ensures patients have […]

Transform Your Smile: The Art and Science of Smile Makeovers

Your smile is a reflection of your personality and a powerful tool for expressing joy and confidence. If you find yourself hiding your smile or feeling self-conscious about your teeth, Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, Massachusetts, is here to help you unlock a more radiant and confident you through our Smile Makeover expertise. In this […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Porcelain Veneers

More and more people are turning to porcelain veneers to get the smile they have always wanted. We are proud to offer this service to patients of our Springfield office. In addition to careful planning and performance, we understand the value of follow-up. Because porcelain veneer treatment requires us to slightly reduce surface enamel, patients […]

Navigating Sinus Surgery for Dental Implants

Dental implants are a sought-after solution for restoring missing teeth. While the majority of implant procedures go smoothly, there are cases where sinus surgery can become necessary for successful implantation. Learn more about why your dentist might recommend sinus surgery before getting dental implants and how this procedure contributes to dental implant success. Sinus Surgery for Dental […]

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