Why You May Need Dental X-rays

As a patient in our dental office, you may be wondering why our dentists always ask that you get your teeth x-rayed. The answer is simple: We want to make sure that any potential oral health problems are caught early on and treated before they can cause significant damage to your smile. So while dental […]

What Is Gingivitis?

If your dentist at Taylor Street Dental has told you that you have gingivitis, you may be worried about what treatment may entail. You might not be familiar with this condition and what it can do to an otherwise healthy smile. Drs. Peck, Homsi, Tyra, and Seo of Springfield, MA, can assist you in finding […]

Affordable Treatment for Grinding and Clenching of the Teeth

Drs. Peck, Homsi, Tyra, and Seo of Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA, work routinely with patients who have conditions that cause damage to their natural teeth and gums. This includes bruxism, a condition that causes clenching and grinding of the teeth. Bruxism can be responsible for a wide range of symptoms, and with a […]

Don’t Avoid the Dental Office if You Deal With Dental Anxiety

If you avoid visiting the dentist due to dental phobia, the team at Taylor Street Dental can help put you at ease! We are pleased to offer sedation dentistry for our patients to help put them at ease before and during their dental visits. We achieve this with relaxation or sedation dentistry. How our dental […]

The many benefits of dental implants

Dental implants continue to be a popular restoration choice for many of our patients who visit us at Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, Massachusetts. Drs. Peck, Homsi, Tyra, and Seo educate patients on these restorations and the many advantages they provide. Most find that they qualify to have these restorations placed and are excited to […]

How to prevent gum disease, and what to do if it develops

Gum disease is a serious and severe condition that can lead to tooth loss, difficulty eating, and other health problems. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help prevent gum disease. At Taylor Street Dental of Springfield, Massachusetts, our dentists can educate you on ways to maintain a healthy smile. Here are some […]

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