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Jennifer came to us to make a
huge change in her smile.
Her wedding day is fast approaching
and she wanted a gorgeous smile.
When you look at Jenn’s smile before we
started and now with only her temporaries,
she has already started the transformation.
What a difference and these are not even
the final crowns and veneers. We will
keep you updated on her final smile and
the beautiful bride to be. Congratulations
on your upcoming wedding and
thank you for trusting and believing
in Taylor Street Dental to make
this special day come true
with your smile!


Velmer came to Taylor Street Dental for a complete smile makeover.
He was excited to finally get a great bite and improve his smile.
Now he looks fantastic and is an amazing patient.
We really enjoyed working with him. And thank you Velmer
for trusting Taylor Street Dental!

Diane came to us wanting her smile back
and she definitely got that and looks 20+
years younger. No plastic surgery, only great
dentistry and a great smile. Enjoy for
years to come, Diane

Mark came to Taylor Street Dental wanting a total makeover and new smile. He also wanted to be able to chew better. We gave him a better bite, a handsome smile and he looks 20 years younger. Enjoy the transformation Mark, and thank you for trusting Taylor Street Dental to deliver your wishes!


Doreen came to us frustrated that
her last dentist could not get her dentures
made. We listened to Doreen and achieved the
smile she wanted and she looks amazing.
Doreen is an amazing vibrant lady and we
were thrilled to make her smile and dreams
come true. Thank you Doreen for choosing
Taylor Street Dental.

Kenny came to us wanting a new smile
and better chewing. He now enjoys
eating and loves his new smile.
And he looks so much younger.
Thank you Kenny for trusting
Taylor Street Dental to deliver
another success story.

Nancy wanted a beautiful smile- she was tired
of hiding it. We were able to transform her smile
and make her the happiest person on earth.
She was so excited and appreciative of what
we did for her. Thank you Nancy for letting
us give you an amazing smile. We wish you joy
for years to come.

This patient was so happy with her results.
She wanted a fuller smile, but also notice she
had no biting contact on her back teeth.
We provided a more youthful smile and provided
good function on her back teeth. Now all of her
teeth meet and she chews so much better.
And what an awesome smile. Enjoy!

Helen feels so energetic and loves her
new smile. And she wanted a small space
between her two front teeth so we made it
happen. Enjoy your

Luis is loving his new smile and youthful
appearance. Thank you for being
such a great patient.

new smile springfield MA
This patient wanted to correct his bite
and improve his smile. We changed his bite
and dramatically changed his smile.
He is now ALL SMILES and is so happy he came
to Taylor Street Dental.

new smile springfield MA
Cynthia wanted her existing crowns changed
and wanted a better bite. Look at her temporary
crowns and then the final crowns. We changed her
bite and dramatically improved her smile.
And Cynthia is ALL SMILES!

new smile springfield MA
Kathy’s dream was to improve her smile and
feel radiant. Her final smile was just that-
Radiant and Gorgeous.

new smile springfield MA
Phalba decided to totally change her bite
and smile with a full face rejuvenation.
She has completed all dentistry and loves
the “new” Phalba! She looks amazing and
so young! Thank you Phalba for choosing
Taylor Street Dental.

new smile springfield MA
This Smile Makeover produced amazing
results dramatically changing her smile.
It was a long time dream come true!
Enjoy from Taylor Street Dental!

new smile springfield MA
John wanted to upgrade his smile and kept putting
off his dentistry. In a matter of 3 months, he
underwent a complete transformation of his
smile and well-being. He can eat better, smiles
more ofter and feels so much better.
He looks younger and loves his new smile.
Congratulations, John!

new smile springfield MA
Tammy was a huge change. Unfortunately
she didn’t want to show her full face smile,
but she is a different woman. She looks
20-30 years younger and is so vibrant.
Her warmth and beauty comes shining through
and she feels amazing. Her life has
changed forever. A new smile is such a
huge benefit and people get “used to
their failing smile until someone, like
grandchildren or children say something”.

new smile springfield MAVeneers
This patient was thrilled for her wedding day.
Veneers on her upper front
teeth made a huge difference.

Amazing change in his smile.
He is all Smiles!!

Wonderful Change for Reggie.
You look fantastic!

Exciting Change for Wanda
Change your Smile-Change Your Life

New Smile-Youthful

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Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Veneers

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Sandy came to Taylor Street Dental
with her main request of wanting a new smile.
She had a tooth replacement made a
few years ago and was very disappointed.
When you go through her photos,
you can see why Sandy has an amazing smile.
She loves it and is so happy.
Thank you Sandy for letting Taylor
Street Dental make your dream come true.

Ed came to us wanted a more youthful smile
as well as whiter teeth. We achieved both
requests and he is very happy with the final smile.
Thank you Ed for letting Taylor Street Dental
provide your new smile.


Jean came to us over two years ago and
wanted us to help her get a smile
back and chew better. We gave her the
smile she always wanted and she is also
able to chew better. We saw Jean two years
later and her smile looks amazing and
she looks so much younger.
Thank you Jean for coming to
Taylor Street Dental.

What an amazing change in her smile and facial
features. Dentistry is amazing and so gratifying.
Enjoy your new smile.

Callye loves her new smile and you can
tell from her gorgeous smile. Enjoy!

Carmen’s smile is delightful and so
youthful. Enjoy the changes!

Jenna changed her smile 17 years ago.
What an amazing change back then. And now
we can show off Jenna’s 17 year old smile
and she looks amazing and youthful. It is
wonderful that a smile lasts for so long and
she is still getting compliments and Smiles!

new smile springfield MA
Darlene wanted to change her smile
and improve her function.
She has taken years off of her smile
and she looks fantastic.
Enjoy for many years!

new smile springfield MA
Terry wanted to upgrade her smile
and improve her function.
We changed her smile and gave her a more
youthful appearance. Everyone should
be able to improve their smile and notice
the change in her facial profile and
she looks younger. This changes a person’s
self-worth and creates happiness- they
don’t need cosmetic plastic surgery after
we change their smile.

new smile springfield MANew Smile
Gerrit wanted a new smile and eliminate
the old dentistry. He loves his new smile
and and it happened so quickly and painlessly
for him. We wish him happiness and are
grateful for the confidence and trust he
placed in our hands.

porcelain veneers-Life changingPorcelain Crowns- A more youthful Smile
This patient wanted to upgrade his smile
and create a more youthful, balanced smile.
In a matter of 2 visits we fulfilled his wish.

Porcelain Veneers-Life Changing

A Beautiful Smile Lights up your Heart.
Let Us Light up Your Heart.

Another Happy Smile!
Let Us Transform Your Smile.

Crowns and Veneers-Smile Makeover


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