Ridge Regeneration Before Dental Implants

If you are in need of dental implants, it is important to have sufficient bone structure in your jaw for placement of the implants.  It is common with conditions that cause tooth loss for the alveolar ridges to have defects or need to be rebuilt in order to support implants. Dr. Peck is proud to offer ridge regeneration services to help you become a candidate for dental implants.

shutterstock_226929574During ridge regeneration, bone grafts will occur. The donor bone may be taken from the patients or from an external source. If bone is harvested from the patient it will likely come from the hip or chin area.  Artificial bones can also be created using ceramic materials.

During the procedure, Dr. Peck will cut into your gum tissue to access the defective bone below the surface.  Bone grafting material will be put into place and a membrane will be placed over it to aid it in healing and growing into your jaw.  The gum tissue will then be replaced and secured with stitches.   It will take anywhere from 2-3 months for your bone grafting procedure to heal.

Don’t let a weak bone structure prevent you from receiving a beautiful new smile with dental implants. Contact our office today to learn more about ridge regeneration surgery.

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