What Is Bite Collapse?

Periodontal Maintenance Care Visits Springfield MASpringfield, MA area patients who are in the later stages of life may experience certain dental and medical conditions that may impact their smile. This includes a condition known as “bite collapse.” The team of Taylor Street Dental is pleased to provide solutions for patients who have been diagnosed with this condition, and ensures patients have options to pursue at our facility.

What is bite collapse?

The dentists of Taylor Street Dental describe bite collapse as a change in the shape of the face and jaw. This is often caused by worn teeth or tooth loss. These changes can impact the function and appearance of the smile, and can even cause a patient to look older than they really are due to bone resorption. Bite collapse is a condition that happens over time and can vary from patient to patient. This is why the team of Taylor Street Dental encourage patients to visit their dentist regularly to monitor for this and other dental problems that can occur in aging patients.

How does bite collapse occur?

Bite collapse can occur for a few reason. Conditions such as bruxism can cause patients to unknowingly clench and grind their teeth. This can cause unwanted wear and result in damage that would otherwise never occur. This condition may be addressed by wearing a special oral appliance at night to lessen the tension of the jaw and reduce damage to the teeth.

Another cause of bite collapse is tooth loss. When one or more teeth are lost or extracted, it can cause existing teeth to shift. The shifting of the teeth out of place can impact the alignment of the bite and can result in bone loss. To address this, patients need to be vigilant about ensuring they seek tooth replacement options as soon as a tooth is lost. Common options available to patients include partial dentures, full dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Patients are encouraged to speak to a dentist to determine the best tooth replacement option for their unique needs.

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