Sedation Dentistry can Change Your Life for the Better

Many people experience more than a little fear when they must see the dentist. Because of fear, they may only see the dentist when they absolutely must. The pattern may go something like this: dental care is received to repair a damaged tooth (and get rid of a toothache), there is a promise to self […]

Do You Want to Feel Better about Your Breath?

Bad breath is a common problem that creates a lot of self-consciousness. If you sense that your breath may be offensive, you may avoid speaking and smiling. Getting up close and personal with anyone feels more terrifying than exhilarating when you’re not sure how your breath smells. Bad breath is an issue for 1 in […]

Why a Dental Bridge is a Good Restorative Option

Severe disease or injury can lead to tooth loss or the need for extraction. Fortunately, dental medicine has improved significantly throughout the past century. We now have solutions for all degrees of tooth loss. These include partial dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Each technique for replacing teeth has advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss what […]

Taking a Stand Against Oral Bacteria with Perio Protect

As far as we have come in understanding what causes dental disease and how to prevent it, conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis continue to be all too common. Gum disease is a progressive state of infection that, if not appropriately and consistently treated, can lead to tooth loss and a number of other inflammatory health […]

Boy, Do We Have It Good!

We have been serving patients from the Springfield area for several years. In that time alone, we have seen how significantly dentistry has changed. The innovation that has occurred in the past few decades alone casts an enormous shadow over the long history of dental development. Here, we want to point out how the advances […]

Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Teeth whitening treatment was one of the most significant advances in dentistry in the 21st century. Most people don’t realize that the human race had been working on viable teeth-whitening strategies for centuries before we had the safe and effective method we do today. What is widely known is that we love to see radiance […]

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