What are the effects of bruxism?

While clenching and grinding of the teeth can seem like just an inconvenience for patients, there is more to the condition than patients realize. Springfield, MA patients who have been diagnosed with bruxism may also deal with expensive dental issues. This includes fixing broken restorations and increased sensitivity of the teeth due to wearing of […]

Are porcelain veneers right for me?

Many patients who visit the team at Taylor Street Dental are considering aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of their smiles. Our team, including Drs. Peck, Velastegui, and Homsi, are available to assist patients in the area of Springfield, MA with cosmetic dentistry, and encourage patients to consider the options available to repair imperfections. Cracked, […]

How sugary sweets can impact the smile

It’s no surprise when patients learn that high sugar intake can negatively impact their health. But at the same time, consumption of sugars and sweets can also impact one’s oral health. Drs. Peck, Velastegui, and Homsi of Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA are committed to educating patients on the ways in which sweets affect […]

What are the benefits of fluoride?

Fluoride. The word is used regularly in many areas of dentistry. We see fluoride toothpastes at the store in the oral care aisle, and patients may also have fluoride treatments performed with their dentist at their routine checkups. But what exactly is fluoride, and why is it so important? What is fluoride? Fluoride is actually […]

What to do when a cavity is detected

It is not uncommon for cavities to appear in the smile. In fact, studies have shown that approximately 90% of adults have had a cavity at some point during their life. When patients are told they have a cavity, they may be unsure as to the best way to proceed. In most situations, the dentist […]

Advice for patients who are experiencing a toothache

Toothaches are literally a pain! When patients are dealing with tooth pain, they may be unsure as to what has happened. This is when the team at Taylor Street Dental encourages patients to schedule an immediate visit to their office to determine the cause of the discomfort. Sometimes, a toothache may be just soreness from […]

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