Do You Know Why Dental Implants are so Popular?

Dental Implants Springfield & Longmeadow, MAOver time, the consequences of tooth loss have diminished significantly. In our grandparents’ time, it may not have been uncommon for people to go through their adult lives without a full set of teeth. Older adults may not have had any natural teeth left. More recently, total tooth loss has been “corrected” with dentures. Correction is a broad term that suggests a bit more than what happens when natural teeth are replaced with a traditional denture, though. Ultimately, this approach falls short of meeting a person’s need for optimal oral function. This is why we are proud to offer dental implant treatment to patients with our Springfield dental practice.

How Dental Implants Meet Your Needs

Natural teeth are structured in such a way that they achieve their purpose. One of those purposes is to support chewing. Another is to support other teeth and the jawbone. Teeth also support clear speech. The list continues, but we want to discuss how implants meet these needs.

  • Lifelong structure. The structure is the basis of oral function. In the natural form, this means having strong and resilient teeth roots. Instead of natural roots, we use dental implants to remodel the structure that is needed for the longevity of stable teeth. This is achieved through integration. When titanium posts are situated into the jaw where natural roots would be, bone tissue instinctively wraps around them.
  • Lifelong stability. The integration of titanium posts with bone tissue ultimately stabilizes the artificial teeth that have been carefully made to suit the mouth. This stability most closely resembles what is felt with natural teeth. Unanchored, dentures usually slip somewhat when food is chewed or during the conversation due to the muscle movements in the cheeks and lips.
  • Taking care of your teeth should be relatively easy throughout life, whether your teeth are all your own or not. Dentures can be broken during a routine cleaning because they are removed from the mouth. Because dental implants replicate natural form, there is no need to remove artificial teeth for cleaning; just follow your dentist’s instructions on oral care, and your implants should last many, many years.

Dental implant treatment gives you back more than a set of teeth; it gives you back the confidence to be fully you. For more information, call (413) 781-7645.

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