Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

It can be difficult to decide how to straighten your teeth and give yourself the best smile you can have. On the one hand, Invisalign is newer. Is modern the best path towards straighter teeth? Braces, on the other hand, have not been outright replaced by Invisalign. Could that mean that braces are an enduring method to straighten your teeth? Though all oral procedures should be consulted with your dentist in order to make the best decision for you, keep reading to see in which ways Invisalign is better than braces.


Whether you’re an incoming middle schooler, or a long-standing manager of your office, chances are, there may be some embarrassment around needing to get braces (although we don’t understand why! Caring for your smile is one of the best things you can do, we think!). In this case, Invisalign, with its virtually invisible presence, can help ease any anxieties you may have about what others would think.

Fewer Dentist Visits

Although we would put ‘fewer dentist visits’ as a con, we understand that any time you have to take time away from the things you love doing can be a negative. With Invisalign, you don’t need to come in for consistent adjustments as you would with traditional braces. The few visits you do have are to check on progress.


Though you can expect the same dental discomfort associated with traditional braces, after all you are reorienting the position of your teeth, the typical pain associated with braces isn’t associated with Invisalign. There are no cuts on the inside of the cheeks!

No Food Restrictions!

Because Invisalign can be taken out, unlike braces, there are no foods that you have to worry about getting ‘stuck’. Just remember to put the Invisalign retainers back in!

Want To Smile Wide And Clear With Invisalign? 

Though Invisalign has some sparkling positives, they may not be right for you! As mentioned before, any oral procedure or treatment should consult a trusted, capable dentist. If you’re in the Springfield area, you’re in luck because Taylor Street Dental has four trustworthy and incredibly capable dentists. If you’re wondering whether Invisalign or braces are right for you, come speak to Dr. Peck, Dr. Homsi, Dr. Tyler, or Dr. Seo! Give us a call at 413-781-7645!

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