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bite collapse springfield ma

What is bite collapse and what causes it?

Bite collapse is a medical condition that is characterized by a change in the structure of the patient’s teeth, facial features, and jaw position because of tooth loss or severe wearing down of the teeth.

Patients in Springfield, Massachusetts that have symptoms of bite collapse have found considerable help from Dr. David Peck and his team who have made bite collapse treatment more accessible to the patients in this area. They have been able to establish that this condition is brought about as a result of the excessive undermining of the teeth, missing teeth, and gum disease.

All these conditions are implicated in bite collapse, which is manifested through visible loss of tooth structure, reduced facial height, and the precipitation of TMJ disorders.

What conditions increase the risk of bite collapse?

Patients that are diagnosed with bruxism are more likely to develop bite collapse because of the constant rubbing, grinding, and friction of the teeth that adds to the wearing down of their surfaces.

Gum disease also plays a significant role in bite collapse because as the gum tissues deteriorate, they will be unable to support the tea and hold them in place. Both of these cases ultimately lead to tooth loss, which further aggravates the patient’s tendency to incur the condition.

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What are the risks of having bite collapse?

Bite collapse often leads to a recessed chin that makes patients lose their facial profile, resulting in an older and more tired looking appearance. This inadvertently affects the appearance of the lips, making them look squished and compressed so that patients looks like they are angry or pouting.

Bite collapse changes the shape of the patient’s face, making the chin closer to the nose and shortening the distance between the forehead and the chin. This facial shortening also increases the tendency for chronic headaches, premature wrinkles around the mouth area, facial pain, leaning into years, tightness of the jaw joint, and double chin to develop.

How can bite collapse be treated?

Bite collapse can be treated with dental surgical facelifts that make the face look more proportionately balanced, reduce wrinkles, and alleviate the defective bite. This treatment not only reverses the signs of aging but also structurally augments facial support and corrects the position of the jaw.

This procedure can be done in conjunction with the application of dental veneers to reconstruct the patient’s bite and preserve the remaining natural teeth in order to maintain an ideal bite position.

Typical bite reconstruction will not be able to give the patient the additional lift that the face needs to recover from the effects of bite collapse. This is why it is best done in conjunction with the dental surgical facelift.

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