Rejuvenation of Smile

What is smile rejuvenation?

Many patients in Springfield, Massachusetts come to Dr. David Peck asking for a rejuvenation of their smiles. There are many different reasons why patients would like to change their smiles, but it all comes down to wanting to look better, creating better functionality for their mouth and oral structures, and slowing down the effects of the aging process. Smile rejuvenation not only improves the patient’s appearance, but also the overall condition of the teeth and it’s surrounding structures.

How can smile rejuvenation improve my appearance?

Thanks to the advancements in the field of medical dentistry today, neuromuscular dentistry has breathed new life into the rejuvenation of smiles and has systematically been helping patients to combat the visual effects of aging.  Dentists can now create a more youthful appearance and put new life into the patient’s smile using specific techniques that change the appearance of the teeth, making them look more youthful and vibrant. To be able to achieve optimal results for the rejuvenation of smiles, a full mouth restoration is usually recommended to not only produce the patient’s best smile yet, but the healthiest one as well.

A full mouth restoration for the rejuvenation of smiles includes various procedures such as the treatment of underlying diseases, using implants to replace missing teeth, replacing metal fillings with natural looking amalgam, restoration of damaged teeth, enhancing appearance of teeth using dental crowns or porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening.

Using all of these techniques will allow the dentist to alter the size, shape, color, and overall appearance of the teeth based on the patients’ individual requirements. Having control over the smile design process not only improves how the patients’ teeth look, but also gives dentists the opportunity to reinforce oral structures to make the mouth more functional and keep the teeth mostly intact. A full mouth restoration would usually require several visits, depending on the complexity of the procedures and the desired results, but for a complete rejuvenation of patients smiles, all this time and effort will be worth it in the end when their new, spectacular smiles are finally revealed.


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