Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Soft Tissue laser therapy in Springfield, MA is a non-surgical treatment for periodontal disease.

This process is less invasive than conventional surgical methods. This also promotes much faster healing. After removal of tartar and calculus, a laser is used to remove diseased or infected tissues lining the pockets around your teeth. The laser will also kill bacteria that cause your gum disease and will promote healing of your gums.

How is soft laser therapy better than surgical treatments?

Lasers are widely used because of the precise control they offer hygienists and for the comfort they provide patients. Lasers are used for many different functions at once. A laser can not only remove tissue, but it can also seal blood vessels and nerve endings. This reduces bleeding and postoperative pain and swelling.

In our Springfield dental office soft laser therapy is often recommended for gum. With treatment and proper home car, the problem can often be alleviated.

Contact our office today if you would like to see if Soft Laser Therapy is right for you.

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