What Can Whiter Teeth Do For Your Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry services are becoming more and more popular among our patients. Even patients who have never considered cosmetic services in the past are now asking about ways to make their vibrant look healthier, vibrant and youthful. Did you know that as you grow older your smile yellows no matter what? There are definitely tips […]

Do I Need a Filling or a Crown?

If you have a tooth that has been severely damaged or has extensive tooth decay you will likely need a filling. However, in some instances you may also require a dental crown. Crowns are devices that are manufactured specifically for your smile. They fit over your damaged tooth and can be made to match the […]

Soft Tissue Therapy with the DEKA CO2 Laser

If you are in need of a potentially complicated dental procedure or oral surgery such as bone grafting, implant placement, etc. it is important to understand that you have options for your treatment. DEKA CO2 lasers are one of the newest and most groundbreaking technologies in dental surgery today. Dr. David Peck is proud to […]

Reduce Your Risk with PerioProtect

Taylor Street Dental Associates is proud to offer a variety of treatments to protect your mouth from damage, disease and decay. Gum disease is one of the most debilitating oral health conditions possible, one that can negatively affect your overall health not just the gums. In order to offer the maximum protection possible from gum […]

Do I Need Sinus Surgery?

In the dental office, sinus surgery is often offered to add more bone to the upper jaw in order to allow for the placement of dental implants. This sinus surgery is not used to clear chronic congestion or other disorder that are more commonly addressed by your physician. If you are in need of sinus […]

Root Canal Treatment, Not As Bad as You Think

For patients who suffer from invasive dental decay or disease, a root canal may be your only treatment option other than tooth extraction. While root canal therapy has developed a negative connotation in recent years, root canal therapy is no more painful than treatment with a filling or other dental restoration. Root canal treatment allows […]

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