Oral Medications

What are oral medications and why should I consider using them?

The administration of oral medications is one of the techniques used to achieve sedation in the field of dentistry today. Dr. David Peck and his associates in his dental facility in Springfield, Massachusetts have found that more and more patients are turning to oral medications as a means of sedation because of the benefits that they get from this option. Many patients require the need for sedation when undergoing dental procedures because they experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist, which may have been brought on by a bad childhood experience with the dentist, or a previous dental procedure that went wrong or was very painful. In any case, oral medications will be able to manage feelings of apprehensiveness or fearfulness that patients may have before they go in for procedures.

What should I expect with the use of oral medications?

Oral medications are sedatives that are administered in liquid or pill form. Dentists instruct the patients to take the medication an hour before the appointment or, for some medications, the night before the procedure. By doing this, the patient is usually already relaxed and prepared for the appointment by the time he reaches the dentist’s office in a few hours or the next day. Although some may refer to this type of sedation as sleep dentistry, the patient will not actually be asleep during the treatment, but will only be in a deep state of relaxation that makes him or her oblivious to the treatment he is receiving. During the procedure, the patient will be able to respond to questions or requests, however, because of the amnesiac effect of oral medication drugs, the patient may recall very little about the procedure after it has been completed and the effects of the medication have worn off.

Is oral medication a safe method of sedation?

Oral medication is being widely used and is considered to be very safe for sedating patients in the field of dentistry. Highly trained staff members will be present during the entire procedure to monitor the patients and ensure their safety. In addition to this, the dentist will give the patient safety instructions prior to the administration of the oral medications, including the discontinuation of drugs, alcohol, or other activities that may interfere with the effect of the medication. Patients can be sure that oral medications will not be recommended if the dentist does not see fit to do so. A consultation prior to the procedure will ensure that all these questions are addressed and that the dental practitioner evaluates the patient’s needs accurately, enough to determine whether oral medication is the best method of sedation for him or her.

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