What Is Zoom! Whitening Treatment?

We use our teeth for more than just eating food. Beautiful teeth are essential for a confident smile. Unfortunately, yellow and stained teeth can reduce the appearance of your smile. What exactly can you do to get your teeth back to being photo ready? Let’s take a look at how Zoom! whitening treatment can help your smile get back on track.

Why Do Our Teeth Yellow?

Over time and with use, teeth become yellow, brown, and even decay. This is primarily due to the erosion of our enamel, the protective layer on our teeth. Our enamel breaks down from things like acidic food and drink, physical trauma, smoking, high amounts of sugar, and acid reflux. Once this protective layer is removed, dark-colored drinks, food, and smoking can stain teeth. Let’s take a look at how Zoom can help you get your white smile back.

Understanding Zoom! Whitening Treatment

Zoom whitening treatment works to restore your teeth’s natural white color. Zoom works by using a gentle hydrogen peroxide-based gel on your teeth. The gel is then activated by a blue-light whitening lamp. The gel essentially bleaches the teeth to remove stains and other residues on the teeth once activated. The whole process takes about one hour to complete.

What’s great about this treatment is that it can be completed in-office and happens over multiple sessions to achieve a desired color. Besides Zoom being fast, safe, and effective, Zoom also doesn’t leave your teeth with any sensitivity after treatment. That way, you don’t have to worry about pain from eating after treatment.

Get Zoom! Whitening Today

Your teeth are something you should be proud of and show off whenever you can. That’s why Taylor Street Dental provides teeth whitening services to get you looking your best. Our team provides comforting, effective, and individualized treatment for everyone that walks through our doors.

Dental work can be intimidating for some. That’s why our staff will walk you through each step of your treatments and make sure you’re totally comfortable with each part. Don’t settle for yellowed teeth; contact Taylor Street Dental at 413-781-7645 today for a consultation.

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