What Do Dental Crowns Do?

You may have heard of them before. You may have even seen a coworker leave early for an appointment to get dental crowns. But what exactly are they and who needs them? Keep reading to learn everything about dental crowns!

What Is A Dental Crown? 

A dental crown, also known as a ‘cap’, is a permanent, individualized tooth restoration. They completely cover a damaged tooth above the gum line and, once cemented, are designed to be indistinguishable from your other teeth. They are also used in implant situations to replace teeth that are missing or have been taken out due to decay or injury.

Dental crowns can come in many different materials, each with their own various strengths and uses. Crowns can not only enhance the aesthetics of a tooth, but can protect it from further wear and breakdown. It is always advisable to speak to your dentist to go over your particular options and needs.

Who Needs A Dental Crown?

Anyone who has lost function of a tooth through deterioration of strength, shape, functionality, or size of a tooth. Dental crowns can also help improve the appearance of a tooth. Other common situations where a dental crown is used are:

  • Dental replacement
  • Dental restoration of broken tooth
  • Dental restoration of tooth worn down by grinding
  • Dental support, typically in the case of a tooth that has received a filling and there isn’t much tooth stability and structure left
  • Dental cosmetic modification such as closing space between teeth

Think You Might Need A Crown And Want To Discuss Your Options? 

As mentioned before, any oral procedure or treatment should have a consultation with a trusted, capable dentist. If you’re in the Springfield area, you’re in luck because Taylor Street Dental has four trustworthy and incredibly capable dentists. If you’re wondering dental crowns may be something you need, come speak to Dr. Peck! When you receive care at Taylor Street Dental, and especially when you get a crown from us, you’ll be feeling like royalty! Give us a call at 413-781-7645!

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