Want a Great 2018? Start with Your Smile!

General dentistry Springfield & Longmeadow, MAThere is something exciting about ringing in a new year. It is at this time when a lot of folks naturally look to the coming months with a sense of anticipation and motivation. We become aware of the things in life we may want to work on. For many people, this means giving some attention to health, wellness, and beauty. Knowing how the smile plays a pivotal role in each of these areas of life, we suggest dental care as a way to have a great year, not only this year but every year from here on out.

How Dental Care Promotes Well-being

  • They say that prevention is the best medicine. This is true for some reasons. As it relates to your teeth and gums, preventive dental care can help you avoid pain. By doing so, it also decreases the amount of unnecessary stress you carry. Furthermore, when you see your dentist twice a year, you may also avoid having to spend money on extensive repairs to your teeth.
  • About those repairs . . . As much as we wish it were possible, there are instances when restorative dental care may be necessary. The more consistency there is with preventive exams and cleanings, coupled with daily oral hygiene, the less likely you are to need treatment for cavities and other infection. If an instance does occur where a tooth develops decay or is injured in some way, we approach the problem from a conservative perspective, looking for the most effective and least invasive treatment option.
  • You know how, now and then, you might make some improvements to your home? Maybe it’s just new paint on the walls or new carpet, but you do what feels right to keep your home the way you’d like. Your smile is the same; it may need improvement from time to time. This may be whitening to overcome the dullness that takes over with age. It may be some teeth-straightening. In our Springfield office, cosmetic dentistry services are tailored to your needs.

Get a jump start on a great smile for this upcoming year. Call (413) 781-7645.

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