Tooth Replacement is Coming into a New Era

Dental ImplantsTooth loss leaves you with one pressing question: “How do I get my smile back?.” This question goes beyond the desire for an attractive smile; it also encompasses your ability to chew, and to speak with clarity of voice. Filling empty spaces between teeth may preserve other teeth from unnecessary disease, and may keep them from shifting. Filling the gap also decreases the risk that you will chew on one side of your mouth, putting the joints and muscles under excessive stress. Ultimately, finding the most appropriate method of replacing missing teeth puts you back into the best state of confidence you could have. The way that many of our patients regain their best smile is with dental implants.

The New Era of Tooth Replacement

Humans have an innate ability and drive to innovate. In time, just about every method of performing tasks has evolved. We drive cars, not horses. We can purchase food cooked by someone else, and usually do, rather than growing and cooking our own. Long ago, way back in 700BC, tooth replacement involved human or animal bone and a pretty shoddy denture model. Today, we do a lot more than replace teeth; we reinstate natural structure “from the ground up.”

At the base of every stable tooth is a root. When teeth are replaced, by their foundation is not, the stage is set for disappointment. Dental implants can prevent this. These tiny titanium cylinders sit in the jawbone as stand-ins for natural roots. They become surrounded by bone over the course of a few months, and are then considered permanent structures in the mouth.

An implant can support a crown, or much more. The development of implant dentistry has dramatically improved patient outcomes in instances of total tooth replacement. Instead of relying on dentures and denture adhesive, patients can now have their full denture appliance situated atop a few implants. This model replicates natural teeth and their roots, which leads to fully functional chewing, speaking, and fully confidence smiling and more.

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