TMJ: Everything You Need To Know

TMJ: Everything You Need To Know

You’ve probably heard the term TMJ before, or the phrase TMJ disorder, yet may not be sure what that means exactly. Many people are in the same boat, actually. TMJ, also known as Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, is a disorder that can be quite painful and unpleasant.

This disorder affects millions of people in the United States every year and can make it very difficult for those affected to go about their daily life. Our Springfield, MA cosmetic dentist and the team here at the office would like to go over some basic concerns about TMJ disorders and their symptoms so you know what to expect, and to see what we can do for you.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ affects the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. This joint acts like a hinge which keeps your jaw and skull connected. Those suffering with TMJ may experience pain and discomfort in this joint. Given its motions and many uses, the temporomandibular joint is one of the most complicated joints in the body. It is also important to note that everyone has two of these joints, one on each side of the jaw, which means anyone suffering from TMJ may experience pain on both sides.

What Causes TMJ?

There are actually various different ways TMJ can occur. It occurs when there is an issue with the proper functioning of the joint. Some ways include genetic factors, injuries, arthritis, grinding and clenching, as well as dislocation and stress. Any one of these causes can be the reason behind the pain one may experience if they have TMJ. Seeking medical attention from a licensed professional can help you figure out what the cause is.

TMJ Signs & Symptoms

Common symptoms of a TMJ disorder include clicking of the jaw, popping of the jaw, locking of the jaw, pain in the jaw, strain in the jaw, and restricted motion of the jaw. In severe cases, the jaw may become temporarily dislocated. Severe discomfort may be experienced by some while chewing or even while speaking. Other symptoms may include difficulty chewing, pain while chewing, headaches, ringing in your ears, as well as eye pain. It is important to note that these symptoms are also common for many other conditions and can be confused for another. Having your symptoms examined by a medical professional can help narrow down what the true cause of your symptoms are.

What We Can Do To Help

There are many ways that our team of dental care professionals can perform Springfield, MA TMJ treatment. It should be noted, however, that the proper treatment for your needs will depend on the exact nature and severity of your TMJ disorder. In some cases, creating a customized bite guard for you to wear at night will be best, as people who grind their teeth or clench their teeth while they sleep tend to develop TMJ disorders. Surgery and more involved treatments and therapies may be required in some cases of TMJ.

Physical therapy can also help treat TMJ. Doing exercises for the mouth, jaw, and face can help strengthen the muscles in the area and address many of the symptoms you may be experiencing. A hot and cold press also works great to relieve you of pain and stiffness in the joint and help you feel like yourself again.

Give Us a Call Today!

At Taylor Street Dental located in Springfield, MA, Dr. Peck and our team of dental care professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams and improve your quality of life. With TMJ treatments, and treatments for other oral related conditions, our team is equipped, experienced, and dedicated to helping eliminate the problem. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we strive to bring you the best results, care, and service!

To find out which TMJ disorder treatments would be best suited for you, or to find out how you can avoid developing a TMJ disorder, contact our Springfield, MA cosmetic dentistry office, or give us a call at 413-781-7645 to schedule an appointment.

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