Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety

Sedation DentistryDental anxiety. This is a condition that has existed for many years. However, it has only been “named” recently, giving patients and dentists the ability to bridge the gap that keeps so many from obtaining the care they need to get and stay healthy. There is a wide variety of reasons for dental anxiety. You may have been lectured by a dentist about your oral health. Maybe you had an experience in which numbing medication didn’t work so well. Neither of these situations is fun. Of course, you feel stressed about seeing the dentist!

But that shouldn’t stand in your way.

You need dental care if you want to end a current dental problem or avoid future discomfort. Here, we offer a few suggestions that you may not have considered.

  • A pre-visit snack. Research has shown that foods like dark chocolate, tea, and walnuts have stress-relieving capabilities. It couldn’t hurt to enjoy one of these healthy snacks before your next visit.
  • Music to your ears is magic to your psyche. Several studies have indicated the stress-relieving qualities of music. Not any particular type, either. Whether you have a preference for smooth jazz or 80s rock ballads, tuning into your favorite tunes during or after dental treatment is beneficial to your experience, and also to your healing.
  • Laugh it off. Yes, laughing is a great stress reliever. What we mean, though, is to consider nitrous oxide or any other form of sedation dentistry available in our Springfield office. Each method of sedation may vary slightly, but the effects are similar, a calmer mind and more physically relaxed body.
  • Be ready. There is a way to be ready for dental visits, and it’s easy. Just remember the value of daily oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth every day. Use an alcohol-free oral rinse to minimize bacterial activity, and drink plenty of water to offset the natural acidity of the mouth.

Overcome your fears with help from your friendly Springfield dentist. Schedule a visit for your routine exam and cleaning at (413) 781-7645. We promise to prioritize your comfort.



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