Taking a Stand Against Oral Bacteria with Perio Protect

Perio Protect® Springfield MA As far as we have come in understanding what causes dental disease and how to prevent it, conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis continue to be all too common. Gum disease is a progressive state of infection that, if not appropriately and consistently treated, can lead to tooth loss and a number of other inflammatory health conditions.

The details of gum disease needn’t be all bad. On the bright side, we do know how to significantly reduce the risk of gum inflammation and infection. We also now have ways to treat gum disease in all of its stages, even advanced infection that has begun to destroy bone structure. Ideally, we’d like to catch this condition as early as possible, when we can remove existing colonies of bacteria and inhibit future accumulation by prescribing Perio Protect treatment.

Oral Bacteria: It’s a Daily Fight to Save Your Gums

Periodontal disease doesn’t happen overnight. This condition begins when plaque, a sticky and invisible biofilm, attaches to teeth. Plaque usually accumulates around the gum line and in between teeth. We call plaque a biofilm but should probably mention that it is comprised of food debris such as sugar residue, saliva, and bacteria. Because bacteria are living organisms that multiply quickly, it is necessary to act daily to keep them in check. Brushing every morning and night and flossing once a day is how we do that. However, once bacterial accumulation has begun, and plaque has formed, the daily fight to save gum health is on.

The Standard of Care is Different in Our Practice

Historically, periodontitis, or infection in the gums, has been addressed with deep cleaning. This includes scaling plaque off of root and tooth surfaces and planing, or smoothing, those surfaces due to warping caused by damage to enamel. Scaling and root planing are effective. However, bacteria may be accumulating faster than gum health can be restored naturally. Even a single application of medication after a deep cleaning may not be sufficient for long-term gum health. Perio Protect is a daily-use system that is easy to include in your daily hygiene routine. Custom-fit trays contain medication that destroys bacteria in a consistent manner that prevents further buildup and inflammation.

Gum disease is a condition which we need to manage appropriately. We are proud to do so with Perio Protect. To learn more about this gum therapy, call our Springfield office at (413) 781-7645.

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