Soft Tissue Therapy with the DEKA CO2 Laser

laser dentistryIf you are in need of a potentially complicated dental procedure or oral surgery such as bone grafting, implant placement, etc. it is important to understand that you have options for your treatment.

DEKA CO2 lasers are one of the newest and most groundbreaking technologies in dental surgery today. Dr. David Peck is proud to offer treatment with DEKA CO2 Lasers in his Springfield, MA office for patients needing gum and other soft tissue oral surgery.

This type of laser is now preferred for many surgeries because of its incredible accuracy during microsurgery. It works by delivering carbon dioxide waves to the soft tissue of the mouth without harming surrounding, healthy tissue. Regarding recovery, DEKA CO2 lasers leave patients more comfortable after surgery with less pain and swelling. This laser also reduces bacteria during treatment meaning you’re less likely to experience infection.

DEKA CO2 can be used to remove lesions and growths from the mouth, perform incisional and excisional biopsies and also to remove carcinomas.

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