Your Smile Doesn’t Have to be a Casualty of Aging

General Dentistry  Springfield, MAAging may be a natural process experienced by all living things, but that doesn’t mean that we have to like it. Since the dawn of time, humans have demonstrated somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the matter of aging. We can appreciate what living teaches us, but most of us find the physical aspects of aging more than a little frustrating. The demand for solutions has led to a number of innovative treatments and tips that enable us to preserve what matters to us as we grow older.

Historically, the appearance and general condition of the smile has been a casualty of aging. Teeth become yellow due to stains and erosion. Enamel may chip or crack due to excessive wear and dental decay. Even tooth loss has been perceived as a common side effect of aging. Well, not anymore. With the knowledge we have gained over the years, it has become possible to hide any difference between a 60-year-old smile and a 20-year-old smile. One of the ways we do this is by recognizing the difficulties older adults may face in terms of oral care.

Brushing and Flossing

We’ve all been told more times than may seem necessary that we must brush and floss our teeth every day if we want to prevent dental disease like cavities and periodontitis. It’s true that oral care and dentistry both pretty much revolve around either preventing or treating these conditions. Therefore, oral care tips for seniors are aimed at addressing obstacles to daily oral care.

  • Because the fingers may feel stiff as we age, holding a toothbrush could become difficult. To improve efficiency, use an electric toothbrush. Doing so alleviates the need for quick hand movements. The vibrational head of a sonic or electric toothbrush may also minimize the risk of toothbrush abrasions that may occur from brushing too hard.
  • Diminished dexterity may also decrease one’s ability to floss, as is necessary to prevent gum disease and cavities in between teeth. Hand pain and stiffness need not impair flossing. Tools like flossing sticks and water irrigators can make this task much easier.

We are committed to helping patients of all ages enjoy healthy, pain-free smiles. For care that revolves around your personal dental needs, call our Springfield office at (413) 781-7645.

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