Set the Foundation for Healthy Smiles for Life!

Father,mother and daughter lying on floor,watching TV and eating popcorn.At Taylor Street Dental, our preventative and general dentistry services are available to help patients prevent oral health issues and maintain healthy smiles for life. We are pleased to provide a wide range of treatment options for patients to consider when looking to improve oral health and wellness overall. Drs. Peck, Homsi, Tyra, and Seo are committed to educating you on preventative and general dentistry procedures.

Why is preventative dentistry so important?

Many oral health issues that can develop, including cavities and periodontal disease, are completely preventable. When caught in their earliest stages, they cause less damage and may even be reversible. This is the primary reason why we encourage patients to schedule routine evaluations and cleanings every six months. These visits allow our team to monitor oral health and look for early signs of problems. With early intervention, many patients are able to avoid damage to their smiles.

What is general dentistry?

In terms of general dentistry, our professionals work alongside you to help determine the treatments you may need to restore or repair the smile. General dentistry encompasses some of the following services:

  • Routine dental cleanings and examinations
  • Dental fillings for areas of tooth decay
  • Periodontal treatments for early and late-stage gum disease
  • Dental extractions and tooth replacements

How often should I see a dentist, and why should I visit Taylor Street Dental?

Combined, our dental team has years of experience in providing general, cosmetic, and restorative care. We work with you to educate you on your oral health needs and provide affordable solutions. We follow the standards American Dental Association recommends of two visits a year for cleanings and examinations or more if dealing with conditions that need extensive treatment, such as periodontitis.

Get on track with your oral health and wellness with our team at Taylor Street Dental!

Are you ready to take charge of your oral health? Work with Drs. Peck, Homsi, Tyra, and Seo to discuss your needs and find out what we can do to restore your smile back to health, whether you are struggling with periodontal disease or tooth decay. We are located in Springfield, MA, and can be reached to request an appointment at 413-781-7645.

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