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Sedation Dentistry Springfield MA Visiting the dentist can cause many patients severe anxiety. Perhaps they had a negative experience with the dentist in the past, or they are worried about pain and discomfort. Whatever the reason, the dentists of Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA are pleased to offer sedation dentistry to help put anxious adult patients at ease before and during their visit. Sedation dentistry encompassed the use of a sedation form that calms individuals and helps them have a positive experience when they visit the dental chair.

What sedation options are available?

There are a few options for patients seeking sedation at Taylor Street Dental:

  • Relaxation techniques – our practice offers a few non-medication options for patients who are interested in experiencing less anxiety during their next appointment. We offer audio analgesia, which includes the use of white noise and stereophonic music as a method of pain management. Our team also incorporates movies into dental visits, so patients can distract themselves with a show and become less aware of the sounds and sights that can trigger anxiety. In addition, patients can ask for blankets and head rest pillows, which can be extremely helpful during lengthy dental work.
  • Nitrous oxide – a go-to option for many patients who have mild anxieties is the use of nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas.” This is an odorless gas that is administered through the nose and can relax patients enough to get through their appointment without fear. The dental team can administer oxygen to the patient when the treatment is complete to bring them back to their normal state. This allows patients to transport themselves to and from their appointment when needed.
  • Oral conscious sedation – oral medications can be used to help sedate patients before they even arrive at the practice. This medication is prescribed by the dentist and is taken approximately one hour before their appointment time. Patients are transported by a friend or family member to and from their appointment. They arrive awake and coherent, and can follow instructions and answer questions. They are completely at ease and can rest the medication off at home after their visit.

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If you have anxiety about visiting the dentist and want to speak to the team of Taylor Street Dental about options for sedation, connect with us by calling (413) 781-7645. Our practice, located in Springfield, MA at 41 Taylor Street, floor four, can help!

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