Sedation Dentistry can Change Your Life for the Better

Sedation Dentistry Springfield MA Many people experience more than a little fear when they must see the dentist. Because of fear, they may only see the dentist when they absolutely must. The pattern may go something like this: dental care is received to repair a damaged tooth (and get rid of a toothache), there is a promise to self to stay up to date with dental care so another toothache doesn’t develop, fear prevents this from happening, and the cycle continues. Do you relate with this way of approaching dental care? If you have lived it, you will understand the value of sedation dentistry and see why many of our Springfield, MA patients choose this service.

Sedation dentistry is:

  • Depending on your preferences and level of anxiety, you may choose to take oral medication as early as the night before your dental appointment. In this instance, a second pill may be taken the morning of your visit when you arrive at our office. An additional choice, and one that works for many people, is to include nitrous oxide in dental treatments. This option is fast and does not require you to have a designated driver.
  • Both oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide have been widely studied and proven safe and effective. Nitrous oxide has no side effects, and it wears off so quickly after treatment that you can drive yourself home. Oral conscious sedation wears off over a few hours but typically carries no side effects other than drowsiness.
  • Nitrous oxide involves the steady delivery of inhalation sedation during a dental procedure. The effects of this sedative are felt within a minute or two of inhaling the odorless, tasteless gas. Oral conscious sedation usually takes effect within about thirty minutes, after which you feel calm and relaxed. You might even doze off during your procedure.

We are proud to offer our patients a variety of services to help them enjoy the best possible oral health. As you know, consistency is critical. Don’t let fear stand in your way of consistent dental care. Contact Taylor Street Dental at (413) 781-7645 to learn more about sedation dentistry.

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