Reasons for replacing missing teeth

lady good mood charming cute appearance raise fists celebrateDrs. David Peck, Mahmoud Homsi, Elwira Tyra, and Brian Seo of Taylor Street Dental in Springfield, MA work with patients regularly who are interested in replacing missing or extracted teeth. Approximately 40 million Americans have at least one missing tooth and need to consider their options for replacement. It’s important that patients replace their teeth as soon as possible to avoid a variety of problems that may occur. Our team educates patients on the reasons why they need to replace one or more missing teeth as soon as possible!

Reasons for replacing missing teeth

Below are a few of the more common reasons why our team stresses the importance of replacing missing teeth with dentures, bridges, or dental implants:

  • Shifting teeth. Once a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth might shift out of place and result in more gaps and spaces between the teeth in the dental arch.
  • Oral health. When teeth shift out of place, it can cause the formation of areas that are hard to brush or floss. Bacteria left on the teeth due to inconsistent brushing or flossing can contribute to the development of tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  • TMJ/TMD. If your bite is improperly aligned, you may be at risk of developing a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. This condition can cause jaw pain, chronic headaches, and lock jaw.
  • Bone loss. When teeth are missing, the bone of the jaw will shrink in a process called bone resorption. This can lead to changes in the jaw and chin shape, leaving patients with a sunken appearance that contributes to an aged appearance.
  • Confidence. Patients who are missing teeth may feel self-conscious about how they look, negatively affecting their personal confidence.

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Avoid damage to the smile by quickly replacing lost or extracted teeth. Springfield, MA patients are urged to connect with the team at Taylor Street Dental to learn more about the options available to them for tooth replacement. Call (413) 781-7645 to request an appointment at 41 Taylor Street on the Fourth Floor with our team. We are here to assist with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for new and existing patients and families.

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