Periodontal Disease: What You Need To Know

Periodontal diseaseMany people believe that if they brush their teeth twice a day and floss every now and then, their teeth and gums will be healthy. However, keeping oral health issues like periodontal (gum) disease at bay can require a bit more intervention.

This dental problem is surprisingly common. One study found that 47.2 percent of adults 30 years and older have some form of gum disease, as do 70.1 percent of adults 65 years and older. To reduce the high percentage of people with gum disease, it’s vital to make patients aware of how to properly care for their teeth and gums.

Learn more about the phases of periodontal disease and learn valuable tips for preventing it to improve the health of your gums.

The Phases of Periodontal Disease

There are two stages of gum disease. It worsens as the disease progresses without treatment


Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease, characterized by swelling, irritation, and redness of the gingiva (the area around the bottom of your teeth). If treated quickly, you can restore your teeth and gums with little damage.


If gingivitis is not treated, it will develop into periodontitis. This is when the bacteria and plaque buildup irritating the gums begin to form underneath the gum line, leading to gaps around the teeth, receding gums, and bleeding when brushing or flossing. Further, the bacteria can damage the jawbone, leading to loose teeth or teeth falling out.

How To Prevent Periodontal Disease

The key to preventing health disease is through keeping healthy habits, including:

  • Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes. Be sure to spend time brushing around the gumline.
  • Flossing at least once a day.
  • Using an antiseptic mouthwash in the morning and at night.
  • Stopping smoking. Smoking can lead to many different oral health problems.
  • Eating a balanced diet.

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If you are in the beginning stages of periodontal disease, getting treatment quickly is important to prevent further damage. Taylor Street Dental has a team of professionals—Dr. David I. Peck, Dr. Elwira Tyra, Dr. Stephen J. Greenberg, and Dr. Hien Truong—ready to provide top-notch periodontal treatment. Call (413) 781-7645 today to schedule an appointment. We serve Springfield, Longmeadow, Chicopee, and Northampton, MA.

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