Patients in Springfield, MA learn about root canal therapy

Root Canal Springfield & Longmeadow, MA Root canal.

The words bring about fear and discomfort for many patients in the area of Springfield, MA. However, this procedure, sometimes called endodontic therapy, is nothing to fear! Root canal therapy is a routine procedure performed by our team, including Drs. David Peck, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui.

Who needs root canal therapy?

There are several situations in which a patient may be encouraged to learn about root canal therapy as a treatment option for their smile. Root canal therapy is often recommended when patients have some sort of infection or trauma to the inner portions of the tooth. Inside of each tooth is the dental pulp. This is a mass of tissues which also house the nerves and blood supply. When infected or traumatized, patients often experience a toothache that can only be addressed with root canal therapy or permanent extraction of the natural tooth.

How is root canal therapy performed?

The procedure begins with a proper diagnosis. Patients then discuss their options and decide if root canal therapy is appropriate for their specific needs. Then, the appointment is made, during which proper anesthetics and sedation are used to make the patient comfortable. The dentist performing the procedure will then make a small hole inside of the tooth to access the inner portion of the canals, during which the dental pulp is removed. The inner canals of the tooth are then cleaned and disinfected by our team, before gutta percha is applied into the tooth canals to seal it off. In addition, most patients will benefit from the placement of a dental crown over their natural tooth, which offers a layer of protection against damage which can occur to the now weakened structure.

Springfield, MA area patients can speak with our team about root canal therapy

The words “root canal” no longer have to inflict fear on patients, thanks to the education and knowledge provided by Drs. David Peck, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui at Taylor Street Dental. Our team of professionals provide successful endodontic therapy for healthier smiles! Call (413) 781-7645 and connect with the team for an appointment at 41 Taylor Street, 4th floor.

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