A New Kind of Exam

dental facts SpringfieldWhen you think about your friendly Springfield dentist, the only exam that comes to mind is the thorough dental evaluation you receive every six months. Today, we want to offer up a new kind of exam, one that will let you test what you know about your smile, oral health, and dentistry!

True or False

  1. Children who drink sports drinks are as vulnerable to cavities as those who drink soda.

True. Parents are in such a tough spot. They want their children to be happy and also healthy. Offering soda-alternatives is a tricky endeavor, as we have seen in scientific studies. According to research, the acid in sports drinks is high enough to present a significant risk of tooth erosion. When teeth erode, the outer shell of enamel wears away prematurely, creating a widespread risk.

  1. The primary benefit of a CEREC crown is same-day care.

False. If you have heard of CEREC, you have likely seen this restorative process advertised as a same-day crown. This is accurate. CEREC restorations are made here in the office, rather than in a dental lab. This significantly cuts down on time. However, CEREC is also advantageous because it keeps you from unpleasant impressions. These restorations are also incredibly durable and long lasting due to the bonding of crown to a tooth.

  1. Root canal therapy should be avoided at all costs.

False. The reason that people want to avoid root canal therapy is that they think the procedure will be no less than awful. That’s not true. The pain associated with this procedure is only that which comes before – that nasty toothache. We perform root canals with local anesthetic, and our patients also have the option for sedation, so there is no pain and no fear! If you want a reason to avoid a root canal, here is a good one: you want to keep your natural teeth structurally sound for life.

The team at Taylor Street Dental likes to combine the serious nature of oral health with a fun and friendly attitude toward patient care. To schedule a visit with us, call (413) 781-7645.

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