Learn about CEREC technology and the benefits of same-day dental crowns

Dental Crowns | Springfield & Longmeadow, MAIn many dental practices, the time needed to obtain a dental crown could cross a span of several weeks. From preparations and impressions to the final restoration being bonded in place, many patients find that they are waiting an extended period of time to repair their smile. However, at Taylor Street Dental, our dentists are excited to have reinvested into the practice to offer solutions such as same-day dental crowns.


How crowns are made in one appointment

The dentists of Taylor Street Dental have invested in technologically-advanced solutions for patients to enjoy when they visit the practice. This includes the investment into CEREC technology. CEREC is a special milling device that uses digital impressions of the smile to create restorations such as dental crowns while patients wait. The patient is prepped with the removal of a thin portion of enamel, after which digital impressions are taken and converted into the CAD/CAM software. A block of porcelain is placed in the machine, and CEREC does the rest! Within twenty minutes, a brand-new dental crown is completed and ready for bonding. The restorations made with the CEREC device are just as strong, durable, and natural-looking as the restorations obtained from outside dental laboratories in a fraction of the time.

Dental crowns are often used when patients need an extra layer of protection over a natural tooth. This may be required after procedures such as a root canal which can leave the tooth brittle and susceptible to damage, or over a tooth that has recently had a large filling put in place. These large fillings can cause the structure to become weak. With the placement of a dental crown over the top of this tooth, the patient can protect the remaining structure from further damage.

Take time with your dentist to learn about the advantages of using CEREC technology in the dental office.

The team of Taylor Street Dental are pleased to offer same-day dental restorations using today’s most amazing technology. Save time and money by connecting with the team to book a consultation appointment and discuss this and other restorative solutions available in the dental office. Call (413) 781-7645 and visit us in Springfield, MA at 41 Taylor Street on the fourth floor.

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