Are you Keeping yourself from Dental Implants with these Stories?

dental implants SpringfieldStories are fun little fables that we grew up hearing. They are powerful parables we used to teach our children about character traits. What could stories possibly have to do with dental care? Believe or not, we see quite a bit of storytelling happen as patients consider whether or not to undergo certain treatments. Because dental implant treatment is one of the most life-giving when it comes to the smile, and also one that seems more complex than it is, this is a process that patients often develop stories around. Here are just a few that we encourage you not to tell yourself.

The “too old” Story

It doesn’t matter what your birthday cake says when it comes to restoring oral function and a nice smile. Yes, one of the primary benefits of dental implants is that they can last a lifetime. But there is no qualification regarding age; there is nothing that says that lifetime must be 20 or more years for a new smile to be worth it. You deserve the function that stems from having stable teeth. Period.

When we consult with patients about dental implants, we are more concerned with assessing their jaw bone, their lifestyle habits that may impede success, their oral health, and their general health. Nowhere in this process does age factor in.

 The Settle-for Story

This story often sounds something like “I’ll just get . . .” Any treatment can be inserted into the blank. “I’ll just get dentures.” “I’ll just get a dental bridge.” Or, the worst settle-for story, “I’ll just live without that tooth.” Statements like these are along the lines of expressing a lack of entitlement. We believe that everyone is deserving of healthy, functional teeth. Everyone deserves to have the ability to chew their food and to feel good when they speak or smile. Settling for anything less doesn’t align with good self-care, and yet people sometimes don’t hesitate to do just that.

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