How to Prepare for Your Tooth Extraction

The idea of having teeth removed may seem like a scary process. However, with a team of professionals in the area of Springfield, MA who have decades of combined experience in dental surgeries, patients need not worry! Whether you are having your wisdom teeth removed or are preparing for dentures with extractions, we can help you prepare for your tooth extraction procedure.

Decide if tooth extraction is best

First, you need to work with your dentist to determine if tooth extraction is necessary. Sometimes patients think they need to have an adult tooth removed only to find out another procedure may be best. For example, patients with a severe cavity may believe their only relief is extraction. However, treatments such as root canal therapy can be performed instead to address the problem while keeping the tooth in place. Times when patients may need tooth extraction include:

  • Preparation for orthodontic work
  • Preparation for full dentures
  • Abscess
  • Impaction
  • Failed endodontic treatment

How to prepare for tooth extraction

Once patients have decided that tooth extraction is appropriate for their needs, they speak to their dental team about the process. A simple extraction is performed when an erupted tooth is removed. This is a faster, less invasive procedure than a surgical extraction, which requires the dentist to access the tooth underneath the gums. Patients are welcome to ask about pain management and comfort during the procedure, including the use of sedation and local anesthetics. Patients should ask their dentist if there are any prescription or over-the-counter medications they should not take prior to the procedure, and are encouraged to ask about what they can expect for aftercare instructions. Most patients can have their natural adult teeth removed without experiencing pain or discomfort when the dentist provides effective anesthetics and sedation for the patient’s needs.

Speak to a professional today about tooth extraction services

Patients in the area of Springfield, MA facing tooth extraction are welcome to book an appointment with Drs. David Peck, Zachary Grillo, Stefan Filip, and Pablo Valestegui of Taylor Street Dental. Our practice can be reached at (413) 781-7645 and provides quality care to new and existing patients of the community.

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