How To Overcome Dental Anxiety

Dental anxietyRegular dental care is necessary for proper oral health, from scheduling routine visits to addressing serious dental emergencies. Those who don’t go to the dentist or delay treatment have a higher incidence of negative dental outcomes such as lost teeth, abscesses, and infections.

Despite the importance of visiting the dentist, your fear of seeking care may be holding you back. Dental anxiety is common, with over 100 million Americans having a fear of dental treatment.

Try these helpful tips to lower your dental anxiety and set yourself up for a great visit. Plus, consider taking advantage of our sedation dentistry services to feel even more relaxed.

Exercise Before An Appointment

It is known that even a single bout of exercise is enough to reduce anxiety levels. A workout before your dental appointment may keep your body relaxed and feeling good, even if you are mentally anxious. Consider taking a walk, going for a bike ride, or booking a fun dance class ahead of your visit.

Communicate With Your Dentist

If uncertainty is the source of your anxiety, ask your dentist to explain your upcoming procedure or treatment. At Taylor Street Dental, our staff is more than happy to walk you through what to expect from each service. We know that demystifying the process can go a long way toward making you feel comfortable in our office.

Bring a Friend

Think about bringing someone with you who can offer a sense of support. They might be a family member, significant other, or close friend. Whether the person who accompanies you sits in the waiting room or is allowed into the treatment area, just knowing they are nearby could help your anxiety. And if your treatment plan includes sedation, they may need to drive you home.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

In some instances, no matter which technique you employ, your dental anxiety will persist. In these cases, Taylor Street Dental can offer sedation dentistry, which utilizes different anesthetics to relax you.

Sedation dentistry can come in many forms. Options range from nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), which is administered in-office, to prescription medication that you can take before your visit.

Consult with our team at Taylor Street Dental to decide which method of sedation would be appropriate for you and your treatment plan.

Find Relief with Relaxation Sedation Dentistry in Springfield, MA

If you suffer from dental anxiety, avoiding the dentist isn’t the answer. You can achieve proper oral health with sedation dentistry and get that much-needed dental visit done.

At Taylor Street Dental, Dr. David I. Peck, Dr. Elwira Tyra, Dr. Stephen J. Greenberg, and Dr. Hien Truong are dedicated to offering you exceptional care and results. We are located in Springfield and proudly serve Longmeadow, Chicopee, and Northampton, MA. Our team is focused on providing a comfortable, anxiety-free experience. To learn more about the sedation dentistry services that we offer, call 413-781-7645 or contact our practice online.

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