Gum Disease? Treatment Options are Available

Gum disease is one of the most common conditions affecting dental patients in America. It is often characterized by red, swollen or even bleeding gums and is commonly caused by neglecting the health of your gums at home. The good news is that when caught in its earliest stages, gum disease is completely treatable and often reversible. However, if left unaddressed it can grow and lead to tooth loss and damage to your jawline.

At its onset, gum disease is commonly known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can set in when you fail to brush and floss your teeth regularly at home. In order to avoid or reverse your symptoms of gum disease you should brush your teeth after every meal, paying close attention to brushing along the gum line. Frequently neglected, but extremely important, is also the act of flossing. You should be flossing your teeth at least once a day. This is normally easiest to do before bedtime when you’re not rushed to get out the door to work or school. If you’d like to amplify your chances of combating gum disease, rinse your mouth every day with fluoride mouthwash.

However, if your gum disease has progressed to a more advanced stage and you find yourself with complete periodontitis, it’s time to seek professional treatment. There are options available for eliminating gum disease and restoring your smile, however these procedures are much more invasive and costly than at-home preventative measures. Treatment for periodontal disease includes: root planing, plaque removal, administration of antibiotics, and even tissue or bone grafting.

Don’t let gum disease cause you unnecessary time and money for treatment. Take diligent care of your gums at home and visit your dentist regularly for professional cleaning and examinations. Contact Dr. David Peck for more information about treating your gum disease today.

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