Does your Flossing Practice need a Boost?

general dentistry Springfield, MAMost adults are aware of the fact that they should be flossing their teeth every day. This recommendation has been handed down by dentists for many years since many of us were children. So why is it that flossing seems to be the easiest thing to miss when it comes to taking care of our smile? Judging by the high instance of gum disease among American adults, 80 percent to be specific, it is clear that flossing continues to be a difficult task to complete. Perhaps there is a way to boost this practice and support long-term oral health without changing much in the way of daily habits.

How Water Might Make Flossing a Breeze

The actual practice of flossing may not seem difficult; take a length of the string, wrap it around two fingers, and floss. Simple enough, right? Well, maybe it’s the dislike of having hands so close to the mouth, or maybe, for some people, flossing is a challenge due to poor hand strength or arthritis. Whatever the reason for not flossing, there needs to be an alternative, and water might be it.

The way that water may be used to “floss” teeth is via an irrigation device. One of the most recognizable models is the Waterpik. This type of device, manufactured for home use, mimics that action of the irrigation instrument used in the dental office to rinse the mouth during cleanings and dental procedures. At home, an oral irrigator delivers a steady stream of pressurized water between teeth and around the gum line.

Waterpik usage may be the most appropriate method of flossing for individuals who have a dental bridge or dental implants. Even patients who have dental crowns or braces may find value in this method of flossing.

The Bottom Line about Floss

An oral irrigator may be a suitable alternative to flossing in many cases. This method is better than doing nothing at all; so if you do not currently follow a healthy flossing routine, we would suggest giving a Waterpik a try. However, there may be limitations to the extent of plaque removal that may be achieved using only water. Dental exams and cleanings are an important follow-up to home care as these visits further support a lifetime of oral health.

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