Why We’re Expecting You To Visit Us When You’re Expecting a Baby Soon

It may be easy to overlook your oral health if you’re expecting to have a baby soon, what with all the things that you need to prepare for the newest member of the family. However, Massachusetts dentist Dr. David I. Peck always makes it a point to remind expectant moms (as well as their partners) that achieving and maintaining optimum oral health during pregnancy should be a priority. Read on below to learn why!

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can lead to gum inflammation and tenderness. In some cases, women who are expecting report frequent bleeding during flossing and brushing. If this is left untreated, there’s a huge chance that it can lead to more serious forms of gum disease even after childbirth.

Pregnancy Mouth Tumors

There are several cases of women who develop non-malignant growths or swelling in between the teeth and along the gum line.  These growths can either be red or purple and tend to bleed easily. Although it’s not life threatening, it may cause discomfort in some women, particularly if the gum becomes extremely ulcerated.

Tooth Erosion

This may be a concern during the first trimester of pregnancy when morning sickness is quite common. Tooth erosion occurs because of regular exposure of your teeth to stomach acids. By and large, it is best rinse your mouth with water after vomiting and take extra care not to brush your teeth within an hour or two of vomiting.

Let us help you not only keep your mouth healthy but your future child’s overall health as well!  Call us at (413) 241-3264 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you!

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