A Clean Tongue Is A Happy Tongue

clean tongueDo you do this? Clean your tongue, that is? If you don’t, you’re missing a critical component to your daily oral-care routine. Hopefully, your goals for keeping your breath fresh and enhancing your smile include these 3 things as a sure-fire way to good dental health:

1.Brushing and flossing twice a day
2.Using alcohol-free mouthwash
3.Visiting your dentist twice a year

But something is missing. And it’s important. It’s cleaning your tongue. Do you do it? Perhaps not. Many people don’t know about how to do it or why it’s a good idea. Here’s why you should clean your tongue…It’s a habit worth forming for these 5 reasons:

1.Plaque can also develop on your tongue, not just on your teeth.
2.Cleaning your tongue can slow down and even reduce plaque build-up on your teeth.
3.Cleaning your tongue results in healthier teeth and gums and may reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
4.Cleaning your tongue fights halitosis (bad breath) by removing small particles of food and bacteria that accumulate in your mouth throughout the day.
5.Cleaning your tongue can help prevent some illnesses that may affect your overall health.

Curious to know more? We hope so!
Adding a gentle tongue cleaning to your daily routine is easy. You can use your toothbrush and toothpaste to vigorously brush your tongue while you’re brushing your teeth morning and night. Ideally, though, you should use a tongue scraper, a much more effective method of cleaning your tongue. Tongue scrapers are available at most pharmacies and are easy to use. Ask us about how to incorporate them into your daily oral-care routine if you are not familiar with them. Once you get in the habit, you will add “Clean tongue daily” to your list of important ways to keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh.

Your oral care routine is a big part of your health – from head-to-toe. Please call to schedule an appointment for a thorough exam and cleaning, today: (413) 781-7645.

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