Causes and Treatment of Dental Pain

Any pain effecting your teeth, gums or jaw should be immediately evaluated by your dentist. This is especially true of any sharp or sudden pain that you may be experiencing in your mouth. Sudden pain is often a sign of an underlying dental condition that requires an immediate repair such as a filling or root canal.

These conditions include:

  • Tooth decay. Untreated cavities are a common cause of dental pain. Cavities that are left to grow can eventually reach nerves, or become infected. This can cause the need for more painful repairs such as a root canal.

  • Absessed or infected teeth. Such conditions are commonly repaired with a root canal or tooth extraction.

  • Teeth grinding. This can often occur during sleep leaving the patient unaware of what they are doing. A mouth guard can often be used to stop the grinding and prevent further pain or damage to your teeth.

Dental pain can often extend beyond your teeth and gums, causing frequent headaches and neck or shoulder pain.

Your dental pain can be treated in a variety of ways. If tooth decay is the cause of your pain it will often be corrected immediately through a filing or root canal. More serious pain may require a tooth to be extracted or oral surgery.

If your pain is related to your bite or jaw, your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist for treatment. Over the counter medications are recommended to help alleviate your pain. If your over the counter medication stops working, your dentist may prescribe prescription strength medications or muscle relaxers to ease your pain.

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