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You Might Not Know It But You You May Be Suffering from Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion is often referred to as the silent epidemic when it comes to oral health. While the advances in oral health care today has come a long way, resulting to better quality of life, tooth erosion remains to be a common problem among individuals of all ages. We have even noticed a similar trend […]

Why We’re Expecting You To Visit Us When You’re Expecting a Baby Soon

It may be easy to overlook your oral health if you’re expecting to have a baby soon, what with all the things that you need to prepare for the newest member of the family. However, Massachusetts dentist Dr. David I. Peck always makes it a point to remind expectant moms (as well as their partners) […]

How Exercise Can Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

You probably know by now that gum disease is highly preventable with regular dental evaluations here at our Massachusetts dental practice alongside strict adherence to oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing. What if we tell you that exercise can actually lower your risk of gum disease, too? Not exactly convinced? Read on below! […]

Taking Care of Your Smile May Help Get Your Dream Job (And Keep It!)

When one talks about skills and assets needed to keep a job, one will most likely come up with a long list of qualities such as diligence, leadership skills, versatility, and credibility. But have you thought about your smile as a possible asset that can actually help you nail that interview for that job you’ve been wanting […]

Eat Cheese for More “Say Cheese!” Smiles in Your Life

While skipping on cheese when munching on your sandwich or burger during lunchtime can save you the extra calories and fat, the results of a recent study by the Academy of General Dentistry suggests otherwise. Here at our Massachusetts dental practice, we have been encouraging our clients, both the young and old, to eat more […]

ADA Reveals New Fluoride Toothpaste Guidelines

The American Dental Association (ADA) has been recommending for half a century now that parents should start using a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste for children by the time they’re 2 years old. A recent announcement by the association last February is now encouraging parents and caregivers to use fluoride toothpaste by the time their […]

Dental Implants in Children: Is it Possible?

Ideally, dental implants are the top choice when it comes to replacing natural teeth.  Here at our Massachusetts dental practice, parents often ask us whether or not their children can get dental implants after their child’s permanent tooth is knocked out in sports injuries or simply out of an unfortunate accident. There are also cases […]

5 Important Things to Tell Us When Considering Sedation Dentistry

We understand that not all people are keen on visiting their dentist. This should not be a surprise as dental anxiety is actually quite common in the population. But worry not! Here at our Massachusetts dental practice, Dr. David Peck offers sedation options for patients who are anxious of dental procedures. After all, we aim […]

A Quick Look on Root Canal Treatments (And How It Could Help Save Your Tooth!)

At the mention of root canal treatments, most of our patients here at our Massachusetts root canal practice will express anxiety or apprehension on whether or not they should really have the procedure. We do not really blame such initial reactions; after all, root canal treatments are perceived as painful. But here’s the thing, the […]

How Dental Implants Prevent Further Tooth Loss

One of the main concerns of our patients here at our Massachusetts dental practice who just lost a tooth either via injury or old age is whether or not the rest of their teeth can be saved from further tooth loss. What we often tell our patients is that dental implants may be the tooth […]

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