Are You Seeing Dental Implants Cost Correctly?

Dental Implants Springfield & Longmeadow, MA The cost of dental care is usually front-and-center when the time comes to get work done. As valuable as dentistry is to health and wellness, we can completely understand why most people would prefer to drop a little cash on a new car or some sparkling jewelry. That’s why we are thorough in our discussion with patients about what their smile may need and how the cost of treatment like dental implants is a worthy investment.

At first glance, we could say that dental implants cost more than other methods of tooth replacement. For single or partial tooth replacement, patients may choose a dental bridge. Total tooth replacement is still possible with dentures. Where do dental implants fit into the big picture and what makes them worth the cost? This is what we want to discuss here.

The Big Picture

In the big picture of tooth-replacement, what we want to achieve is optimal function. This has been the goal for some time, but dental technologies had to be developed to make the dream a reality. Dental implants represent the best technology to date because these tiny posts stabilize replacement teeth. On their own, dentures can only restore so much chewing function. This is because they float on the gums. Without adequate stabilization, dentures may rub and create soreness. When stabilized by a few well-placed implants, a full denture stays fixed where it belongs. Stable teeth can bite and chew a variety of foods without slipping or falling out. This is the big picture of tooth replacement.

The Issue of Value

The high success rate of dental implant treatment is evidence enough to confirm the value of this technique. However, let’s also look at longevity. Most dental restorations are durable enough to last up to 15 years. During that span of time, a denture will require periodic adjustments, each of which comes at a cost. If money is not spent to maintain the fit of dentures, then the cost becomes a matter of oral health and confidence. Dental implants are prosthetics that are seated in the jaw bone. The fusion between bone and implant posts is usually permanent, which is why dental implants have such a high success rate, and why they hold their value over decades.

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